Building Blocks

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Building Blocks

Every day in My Gyms throughout the world, children have loads of fun as they develop physically, cognitively, and emotionally. Our programs focus on growth in all three categories because we view each step of development in these areas as an essential “building block” toward becoming a happy, healthy, well-adjusted human being. The Building Blocks program is designed to acknowledge My Gym Kids for their efforts and achievements. It is an interactive skill and development tracking and recognition system that provides specific opportunities for our students, teachers, and parents to enjoy and celebrate the attainment of key milestones together.

"Our My Gym families absolutely love our Building Blocks program. Children are now able to track their progress as they attain the life skills and physical ability that will help them succeed. Because success and the building of self-esteem are at the very core of the My Gym Program, it was imperative that our skills progression and awards system be all-inclusive and retain the noncompetitive and positive spirit of My Gym."

Cory Bertisch
CEO, My Gym Enterprises

Upon enrollment in a My Gym class, children ages 2 ½ years and older will automatically be enrolled in our critically acclaimed Building Blocks program and will receive age-appropriate skill and development literature as well as milestone posters to track their achievements and post their recognition reward stickers. Throughout the Building Blocks program, the children will participate in periodic Building Blocks Acknowledgment Ceremonies where they will be recognized for attempting and learning new skills. One at a time, the children will demonstrate their skills, be showered with applause and affirmation for their accomplishments, and receive stickers, progression ribbons, medals, trophies, graduation certificates, and more!

"The Building Blocks program has such a positive impact on the kids. Each week, the children are eager to be told what they are working on, and they work so hard to achieve it. When a Presentation Week is approaching, they get so excited about the ribbons and stickers they will be earning, and it's even more exciting when they are close to graduating to the next age group."

Joe & Carmen Beaulieu
My Gym Franchisee, Lake Mary, FL

Building BlocksEach week, as our experienced and caring teachers guide the children through our curriculum to learn and perfect new skills, the Building Blocks program makes our students aware of what they are working on and have achieved. The program creates this awareness by identifying and recognizing the children’s efforts and achievements in areas such as hand-eye coordination, listening and taking turns, balancing, tumbling, fine and gross motor skills, social boundaries and peer interaction, and much, much more. Parents marvel in seeing their children’s capabilities and self-esteem blossom because, when children feel a sense of accomplishment, confidence and ability soar.

"My Gym has been a staple in my 3-year-olds’ life, and the Building Blocks program is awesome! As a parent, I get to see the overall plan and goals mapped out for his “success.” For the child, what is better than stickers, ribbons, and the applause from your peers after the completion of each Block! The awards ceremony was adorable and helped affirm the children’s progress while giving them the next goal to achieve."

Kathleen Haus
My Gym Parent, Eden Prairie, MN My Gym

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