Policies & Procedures for attending My Gym

Policies & Procedures for attending My Gym

We’re grateful that the Virginia and Fairfax County Health Departments are allowing businesses like ours to reopen.  Rest assured we will be meeting or exceeding all health and safety regulations. Our plan is to ease into reopening and allow all of our esteemed members time to acclimate and enjoy being out of their homes.

With social distancing, occupancy restrictions, and new safety/cleaning policies in place, we are excited to offer IN-GYM classes again!



Thank you for adhering to all policies while we work through this unprecedented time. We will adjust as the Health Department and CDC allow.  At this moment, here are the current policies if attending the gym in person to keep you and your family healthy. 

  • Before Coming to My Gym: A new waiver is required to be signed through your online account. Part of this waiver asks that you self screen prior to coming to the gym. If you answer "yes" to any of the following questions, please contact us to cancel your attendance.
    • Yes/No: Temperature below 100.4 (CDC guideline)
    • Yes/No: No signs of illness, including runny nose, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, or chills
    • Yes/No: No known exposure to anyone with a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case
  • On the Day of Your Program: 
    • Please arrive no earlier than 3-5 minutes before your program and wait until the GREEN GO SIGN has been posted on the door.
    • Upon entering, your temperature will be taken with a “no touch” infrared thermometer. All entrants must be below 100.4 to enter. 
    • Next, head to the restroom to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer displayed in the lobby.
    • Lastly, set your belongings down in the lobby and come on in
  • Social Spacing: 
    • We have reduced the space in all programs to well below the health department standards. 1 adult is allowed on the gym floor with each child.
    • During class markers will be place around the blue circle for the kids to sit or stand on during Circle Time/Warm-up portions of class.  
    • We encourage you to allow your child to play freely, but gently guide them toward open unused areas of the gym if needed.
  • Cleaning:
    • You’ll notice that we’ll be cleaning throughout your time in the gym (but never in your or your child’s personal space). 
    • The ball pit has been closed and playground balls have been removed from the gym floor. Our setups will be designed to allow for the most fun with maximum spacing. 
  • Masks: 
    • My Gym Staff: Will be wearing masks at all times.
    • Adults: Masks are required for adults.
    • Children: Masks are required for children 5 years and older.
  • Signs of Illness: Caregivers or children showing signs of any illness in general will be asked to come back when they are 100% symptom free.
  • Drop-ins: 
    • Simply put, drop-ins are not allowed (so we may maintain proper size limits). 
  • Makeups/Unlimited Classes
    • Please schedule in advance. 

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