Zoom Class Offerings beginning November 2nd

Zoom Class Offerings beginning November 2nd

My Gym LIVE brings our amazing curriculum to your living room, backyard, or home dojo. These are NOT prerecorded videos; this is LIVE interactive instruction from your favorite My Gym teachers… and we can’t wait to see you!  

Here’s how it works:

Instead of meeting in person each week, you and your kids will attend My Gym LIVE classes as a supplement to your children’s home education, learning, fitness, and play.  If you are currently enrolled you're eligible to attend and if you're not enrolled, join for $88 every 4 weeks to participate. You will receive a weekly email with all login details and a class supply list so you're prepared to enjoy your class to the fullest!

Schedule:  Our new My Gym LIVE class schedule is shown below.

Attend:  On your class day and time, use the ZOOM app to log on to your class from your laptop, smart TV, tablet, or phone and watch LIVE interactive classes led by your children’s favorite My Gym teachers.  

Enjoy and Repeat!  It’s unlimited! Attend as many classes within your child’s age group each week as you like. Whether you are in a parent and me class, a Mighty Mites class, or our Ninja Program, we will have awesome curriculum carefully crafted for your child’s development. Siblings are welcome too, for just one inclusive family rate.  

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