Give the Gift of My Gym

Give the Gift of My Gym

One of our most popular questions during this time of year is about our gift certificates, so to help, we've made this helpful guide for the best gift you can give- the gift of time together, socialization, and your child's overall development! .

Gift certificates can be any amount.


Gift Guide:

$45 - 3 Practice & Play sessions

$70- 2 My Gym Camps

$79 - 4 weeks of classes

$175- 1/2 Mymo Pass

$300- Full Mymo Pass .




What is Practice & Play?

This is a no-structure play time for all ages, Members and Non-Members. Children need time to explore so we offer these sessions several times a week. Parent participation is required. Non-Members= $15 per session, Members= $10 per session


What are Camps?

My Gym camps are just the BEST! We keep kids fully engaged in non-stop fun including games, relays, obstacle courses, gymnastics, dancing and MUCH more! Every camp is unique and every kid will have a blast! Camps are 2.5 hours long and offered 9:30-12:00 or 1:00-3:30 on select dates such as every Friday and anytime CMS is out!

These are perfect for children ages 2.5-10 and fully potty-trained. 


What are Classes?

Our classes are designed to keep kids moving all while working on their social and developmental skills. Classes for children 6 weeks-3.25 years will need parent participation while children over 3.25 years will enjoy independent classes. To enroll in a class, an 8-week commitment if required as well as a Membership. All practice & play sessions included for free.


What is the Lifetime Membership?

Our Membership is unlike others around! A My Gym Membership is a one-time fee (not annually) and includes all siblings in the home too! Once paid, this Membership will give you discounts on all My Gym camps, parents night outs, special events and magnificent birthday parties at My Gyms worldwide! Normally, this fee is $75 but discounts may be offered at varying times of the year.


What is a Mymo Pass?

This is our pay-to-play option that works great for all families! It is a punch card that once bought, can be used for all things My Gym (classes, camps, parents night outs, and practice & play sessions). It never expires and can be used among siblings! We just ask that the pass holder register in advance since our classes, camps and PNOs are based on space and availability. Half Pass= 15 blocks, Full Pass= 30 blocks

Practice & Play session= 1 block

Class= 2 blocks

Camp or PNO= 3 blocks


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