My Gym recommends these Best Lockdown Buys

My Gym recommends these Best Lockdown Buys

1) Circus tent inspired BEST BUYS

The Circus Tent! One of our most Favourite My Gym Adventures...

🎪Develops spatial awareness, imagination, creativity, role play, independence

🎪Build your own Circus Tent at home, allow them join in to develop Problem Solving Skills, Gross Motor Skills & Communication 

🎪 Grab a sheet / parachute / towels, hang over chairs, sofa, high chair to make your very own den!

At home dens are fab, and we highly recommend them, grab a sheet, some chairs or a sofa and pull the sheet over- hey presto!

But we also love the look of these tent and dens that you can buy- we have picked a few of our favourites with a range of prices and ages… 

1. Disney Frozen Pop Up Tent! Bring it out when you want to play, and put it away when done, simple, fun, and endless possibilities for adventures


2. Build your own Den kit- we love these kits for our older friends, why not take the kit on your next walk and see what adventures they create!


3. Indoor Play House! Not only great for imagination play but also invites kiddies to practice their basketball, bowling, football and racquet sports. Probably best outside but could also be brought inside in the winter. We don;t love that its plastic but suits a range of ages so we are sure it will be in the family for a long time.

£109.99 (currently on sale!)

4. Construction Den Building, a different but interesting type of den building which will sparks creativity! The possibilities are endless, great for imagination, fine motor skills and problem solving!


5. Super Palace Playhouse- thrown in for fun- Extravagant but awesome, who wouldnt want to play prince and princesses in this amazing castle! (warning: you probably need a separate playroom or maybe space outside for this as it doesn’t look like it folds down!)

£379.99 (on sale!)

6. Mister Tody House- build it and colour it in yourself- perfect lockdown project for big kids to do themselves or even the whole family!


7. Mustard Teepee Den- We love the look of this one, if you have to have any den up in your house, why not make it a stylish one ;) We also think big explorers will love 


8. Bug Hunt Tent- the perfect den for adventures and reading your favourite books! Folds away which makes it easy to store


9. Teepee Play Tent- complete with lights this one makes a perfect venue for a teddy bears tea party or a relaxing read! Cute, and not too expensive- win, win


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