My Gym Offers LIVE online Classes

My Gym Offers LIVE online Classes

Join Your Favorite My Gym Teachers and Friends Online

My Gym LIVE brings our amazing curriculum to your living room, backyard, or bedroom! These are NOT prerecorded videos; this is LIVE instruction from our fun and entertaining My Gym teachers. Instead of meeting in person each week, you and your kids will attend My Gym LIVE classes as a supplement to your children’s home education, learning, fitness, and play.

New to My Gym? Your first class is always free!  Sign up for a free class HERE and click Full Schedule

Current Schedule:

Gymsters/Terrific Tots (23 months - 3.25 years) - Monday 10:30-11, Tuesday 9:30-10, Thursday 4:15-4:45

Mighty Mites/Whiz Kids (3.25-6 years)- Monday 3:15-3:45, Tuesday 11:30-12:00, Thursday 5-5:30, Friday 11:30-12:00

Super kids (6-10 years) - Wednesday 4:00-4:30 and Thursday 3:30-4:00

Gymnastics (5-10 years) Wednesday 4:45-5:15

Enroll online today - $50 every 4 weeks for unlimited Zoom classes (Siblings $25).  We will waive the Lifetime Membership fee (save $75).  You can call, text, or email us, and we’ll gladly enroll you. 

Schedule your unlimited classes by logging in to your account, scrolling down to Unlimited Credits, and clicking Schedule UnlimitedHere’s a quick guide if you need it. 

Ready to pick your first class? Click HERE and click Full Schedule to see our online schedule, and we’ll see you on My Gym LIVETo keep things fun and interesting we will be running one program on Mondays and Tuesdays and a different program on Thursdays and Fridays.

Give us Feedback: We would love to accommodate our families as best we can, so please let us know if there is a day or time you would like to see a particular class/age group that is not currently on the schedule. How can we best accommodate your family? Please email Mandy Lemar (Owner) at with day/time suggestions or any feedback.


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