Safety and Cleaning at My Gym

Safety and Cleaning at My Gym

Safety and Cleaning at My Gym We are so excited to be able to be reopening and bring a fun option to families in our community. We are following all CDC and government advisements to ensure the continued safety of our students, families, and teachers. If you or your little ones show any signs of illness, even if you believe it to be seasonal allergies, it’s best to stay home. We appreciate your consideration, as do all our families. 


  • When we aren’t teaching, we’re cleaning! We clean and disinfect all surfaces in the gym every day. Between classes, we clean any used equipment, toys, mats, and surfaces.
  • As an extra layer of caution, you will also see us cleaning frequently-touched surfaces during our programs. 
  • Anyone entering the gym is required to wash or sanitize their hands upon entering and when exiting the gym. 
  • Hand sanitizer is available near the entry/exit to the play area and will be given to older students between stations as well.
  • We will be temporarily closing the ball pit and putting away any “extra equipment.” 


Self-Screening at Home Before you join the fun at My Gym, please ensure the following is true for all members of your household:  (all staff will be self-screening as well) 

  • Yes/No: Temperature below 100.4 (CDC guideline)
  • Yes/No: No signs of illness, including runny nose, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, or chills
  • Yes/No: No known exposure to anyone with a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case

It is your responsibility to self-screen. If you answer “no” to any item listed above, please do not come to the gym and let us know you are staying at home. That will also allow us to let another child attend in your spot. 
Entering the Gym We will be limiting the number of people in the gym. Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your scheduled time. We'll be busy cleaning in between playgroups and giving the previous group time to exit. Look for the STOP or GO sign on the door.

GREEN LIGHT! Wait for the "Green GO" sign to be posted on the door before entering. When we post the GO sign, you may come in, wash your hands, and get ready for an amazing time

RED LIGHT! Please wait a few more minutes in your car before entering, as we are busy cleaning everything. We are asking that everyone wait in their car to avoid bottlenecks at the door.


Private Play Times/Small In Gym Classes: Parent Supervision and Social Spacing We need your help to ensure social spacing. You are responsible for safety, spotting, and social spacing for you and your child. Our teachers will be providing guidance on spacing throughout your class. Parent Participation classes MUST have ONE parent on the gym floor participating with them. This is an added layer of safety as the staff will not be spotting any children unless it is necessary for their safety.   

Drop-Off Camp/Independent Classes: Social Spacing At this time, to limit the number of people in the building and ensure appropriate social spacing, we kindly ask that you drop your child off at the door when you see the GO sign (8 children maximum). Teachers will be leading children through the activities and skills with no spotting unless required for their safety. The class will be appropriate to ensure social spacing with no team challenges or activities that would involve students being close together. 


Other things to know: 

MASKS: Per the CDC and Montgomery County, anyone 2 or older is required to wear a mask indoors.

WASH HANDS:  Anyone entering the gym is required to wash or sanitize their hands upon entering and when exiting the gym.  Hand sanitizer is available near the entry/exit to the play area in the gym.

WATER: The water fountain is not available. Please send older students with a labeled water bottle.

NEW WAIVER: When returning back to the gym we are asking everyone to sign a new waiver from their online account. Part of this waiver asks that you agree to do a self screen prior to coming to the gym. On the day of the camp/play time, please self screen you and your child at home. If you answer No to any of the questions listed above under "Self-Screen" section, please let us know. We do reserve the right to ask anyone showing any signs of illness to reschedule. • We ask that older students enter with only a water bottle, no bags. Parents of younger students may, of course, bring a diaper bag/purse but try to keep to a small number of personal belongings. • Prepare your child with our new procedures so there are no surprises. • For younger children, please only bring the enrolled child & one parent to help us stay at a safe capacity.
We are committed to providing a clean and safe environment for your family. If you have any questions, please let us know! You can reach us by phone, text, or email with thoughts, concerns, compliments, or questions.


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