My Gym Tuition & Fees and Preschool Prep

My Gym Tuition & Fees and Preschool Prep

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-Create an online profile or log into your account to book a trial class or enroll in class. (No trial class offered for Preschool Prep)

-Trial class fee is $35 for one (1) class only

***This location DOES NOT offer a one week guest experience***

My Gym Tuition and Fees

Gym: $149 per 4 weeks

-includes one (1) class a week and unlimited Practice & Play

Dance: $119 per 4 weeks

-includes one (1) class a week

Karate: $119 per 4 weeks

-includes one (1) class a week


The Preschool Prep Program

As experts in early child development, My Gym Beverly Hills understands the impact preschool or pre-kindergarten education has on children's emotional, social, and cognitive development. In our commitment to educate the whole child, we now offer our preschool prep. This program focuses on imparting to children the skills needed to excel in preschool and beyond. Through our award-winning My Gym fitness curriculum, arts and crafts, stimulating small group and independent activities, and basic academic preschool instruction, our students will transition into preschool and kindergarten with confidence, curiosity, and a love for learning. This 2.5 or 3 hour drop off program focuses on making learning fun and exciting in the familiar and nurturing atmosphere of My Gym.


Preschool Prep (ages: 2-4 years old)

Monday to Friday 9:00AM-12:00PM


1 day week: $275 per 4 weeks 

2 days a week: $550 per 4 weeks

*Discount applies for 3 days or more

*Children also get Unlimited Practice & Plays each week

*Requires 8 week commitment

Call us at (310) 287-1496 or email us at for more information or to reserve your spot today!



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