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Children's Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties are Our Specialty

At My Gym, every party is a perfectly planned celebration created especially for the birthday child with unique song and game requests made prior to the occasion. Our talented party specialists will design an unforgettable birthday bash your whole family will treasure. And all our parties feature nonstop action-packed activities, games, puppets, songs, and more! Perfect for kids ages 1 - 13 Years!

We Keep the Thrills Coming

Celebrate your child's birthday with exhilarating, age-appropriate games and original activities, relays, rides, songs, puppets, and more. Our lively teachers and exciting Birthday March make it clear this is no ordinary celebration.

Relax and enjoy! We're happy to handle it all.

Beyond the fun, we can also manage every detail, such as paper goods, party favors, and food. We want you to focus on the Moments that Matter most on this very special day. (Food and options vary per location.)

 A non-refundable deposit of £0.00 is required for booking

Younger My Gym LIVE Vitrual Birthday!

Member Price£50.00Nonmembers add £10.00.
Contact Us 1 & 2-Year-Old My Gym LIVE Parties – 30 minutes Our talented party specialists will design an unforgettable birthday celebration your family and friends will treasure. The children and their parents will enjoy interactive and entertaining songs, dances, games, puppets, and more. .

Older My Gym LIVE Virtual Birthday!

Member Price£60.00Nonmembers add £10.00.
Contact Us 3 to 5-Year-Old My Gym LIVE Parties – 45 minutes Surprise your child with an exciting My Gym LIVE birthday celebration! What a delight it will be to log on and see all of your child’s friends in attendance! The party continues as the children participate in captivating games, relays, songs, puppets, and other original activities led by one of our lively teachers. 6 to 10-Year-Old My Gym LIVE Parties – 45 minutes Our party specialist will host a perfectly planned surprise celebration designed especially for the birthday child. Parties feature interactive games, dances, scavenger hunts, and more! Music and game requests made before the party make this customised celebration even more exciting for the guest of honour.

Need help deciding?

We can help you create your birthday child's dream celebration.


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