What are My Gym parents saying?

What are My Gym parents saying?

Katie goes above and beyond for every child.  We always are happy to be there and impressed with the high quality experience!
-Rebecca G


Love this place. I  feel this is a more settled location compared to other locations. It is fairly clean. The teachers are experienced with the kids. You can feel their passion at work. The most important thing is that kids enjoy the classes a lot.
-Sabrina M


My now almost two year old has been going there since she was 4 months old. They are the reason that I can yell “Hip, hip” at anytime and my daughter shouts “Hooray” and raises both arms in the air. We also had my stepdaughters 5 year birthday party there and there is no party that can ever beat it. She seems to think we will be providing that every year and that’s just the way life goes. Lol Don’t we all wish! On a serious note, my daughter gets hyped up when we pull in the parking lot and doesn’t want to go home. My gym helps her feel like a superstar. I do think that going their has maintained a great confidence level in her that she got to have from the beginning of life. That’s one of the greatest gifts you can give a child.
-Kelley M


We really enjoyed our visit here. My kids are elementary school ages which is on the old end of their target audience but they still loved it. There is lots to do inside and out. I saw lots of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers having a blast as well. Lots of options of things to do.
-Francis F


Thank you so much and know that Keiko is one to never be afraid of any equipment on a playground or timid around a new activity. I strongly believe that My Gym Boston has given her that confidence and excitement around movement and pushing herself to try everything.
-Leilani H


You are all doing an amazing job at My Gym. Zohar has gained so much physical, mental and emotional strengths thanks to you. We appreciate My [Gym's] flexibility and generosity in helping us with the scholarship. Thank you for everything.
-Sarit H


We went to My Gym almost every day this summer and it has been such a huge driver in my son's gross motor skills. He LOVES My Gym and the amazing instructors we saw this summer. He started off being shy and by the end of the summer, he opened up and walked in like he owned the place and became that much more adventurous. He still remembers skills he learned from class and tries to do a forward roll when he can, which he learned entirely because of the classes from summer. Whenever he hangs from bars at a playground, he lifts his legs and [touches] his toes to a bar and loves swinging which he wouldn't have been able to do had it not been for My Gym! He teaches his friends to do frog jumps and knows how to jump in [bouncy] houses because of all the trampoline jumping he did. He follows instructions really well and the routine was really [ingrained] in him which is such a healthy part of his childhood.
-Emily C.

I go there twice a week with the child I nanny for. The staff are all phenomenal. My little is quite partial to Abby, whom is fantastic with every single child and tries to make them all feel excited about class. Katie, Lisa, Sammy, Sam, Taylor, and Meghan are all phenomenal. Everyone does a great job and the facility is clean and welcoming. No complaints thus far!
-Laurel M.

My Gym has been great! I like that they change the room each week and teach a skill as well. My daughter enjoys it and the teachers are great!
-Michele S.


I have been taking my 3 year old daughter to My Gym's class on Saturday mornings for the past few months. My daughter looks forward to this class all week long. The instructors are super sweet! They are always very kind to all the kids. The class structure is perfect for the little ones. They have a great balance of free-play, circle time, and activities/games that teach children skills while having fun. The most amazing part of this place is that every week their set-ups, songs, activities, puppet shows, and skills stations are different. Your child will have a unique experience every time he or she goes. I highly recommend this place to everyone!!!!!!
-Jessica R.


We've had our now 3 year old at My Gym for 9 months and have loved the experience. A few weeks ago, we had his birthday party there and it was fantastic. Thank you to My Gym for an amazing birthday party for our son.  It was so special for him and for us. Cooper and Kristen did such an amazing job. My husband and I were so impressed with their organization, energy and creativity with the kids. All of our friends loved the entire party and have told us what a great time their kids had. I hadn't ever been to a birthday party at My Gym, so I didn't know what to expect. I am still smiling thinking about it. Our son was grinning from ear to ear the entire time and is still talking about "my birthday party". Thank you for a job well done! You guys have a gift with children and you made a certain three year old's day extra special!
-Beth D.


Great program and great staff! One of the best ways to incorporate movement, peer-interaction, social skills and overall fun for the little ones. Space is clean and safe, classes are instructor-led which is a huge plus, gave me a little time to recharge and relax a bit, knowing that he was safe and having fun while I sat close by watching. the instructors are awesome! They really do love their jobs and interact with the kids great. not sure where they get all that energy from....but I LOVE it!!! activities/curriculum change (weekly) so the kids don't get bored, but come to think of it.....what child gets bored when they are surrounded by other eager munchkins, bright colorful space to explore, great music, and energetic staff!!!!
-Lisa P.


We started taking our (now 20 month old) daughter here in September 2015 and LOVE it!! It's super clean. We never get bored because they switch up the gym setup and curriculum every week, so its not only refreshing for our daughter but good for the parents.The teachers are AWESOME...so helpful and friendly. Our daughter was super shy about trying the gymnastics for the first few weeks and they were never pushy (they encouraged but didn't push her to do it). Now she seems so much more confident every time she goes and tries more and more every week. the most important thing is that my daughter loves it....All I can say is that alllll week I hear "my gym, my gym???"
-Jay B.


My daughter (2 1/2 yrs) has been attending MyGym Boston for a year now, and still loves it! Every morning I ask her where she wants to go, and she says MyGym...every time.  We have had two parties here, and they were truly great! We love the entire staff and have such a great time when we come. She has gone through a few age groups, and I really like how every 6 months, she has had classes that modify the curriculum to help her develop. The free parking and access to Star Market are a HUGE bonus.
-Kiran S.

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