Class Enrollment and Cancellation Policies

Class Enrollment and Cancellation Policies

My Gym Class Policies

Tuition and fees:

  • All My Gym classes cost $119 per 4 weeks, except for Cardio Kids, which costs $89 per 4 weeks.  This allows you to attend one class and unlimited Practice and Plays per week.
  • Tuition payments automatically recur every 28 days.  The charge will occur at the beginning of each 4-week session.  If you are subscribed to our email list, you will receive an emailed receipt when you are charged.
  • Refunds and store credit can not be given for missed classes or gym closures due to holidays, weather, or other circumstances.  
  • During periods of free Unlimited Attendance, children can attend as many age-appropriate classes per week as they want.  Certain classes such as Martial Arts are excluded from Unlimited classes.

Missed Classes and Make-Ups

  • We do not allow sick children to participate in My Gym classes.  If your child has a productive cough, runny nose, fever, or rash please stay home and get better!  If a child has these symptoms, the staff will discreetly speak to you and see if they have been cleared by a doctor.  If they have not, we may ask you to skip the remainder of the class and make up the class when your child is better.
  • If you are going to miss class, please give us as much notice as possible so we know if the class is available for others to do make-ups that day.
  • When you miss class, you get 6 weeks to come to a different class as a make-up!  You can schedule make-ups online using your My Gym account, by phone or email, or in person at the gym.  Make-ups can only be done in a class other than the one in which you're enrolled.
  • If you have set a final class date, all make-ups must be scheduled by that date.  Once your child is no longer enrolled, any outstanding make-ups classes are lost.
  • If a class is cancelled due to holidays, inclement weather, or other circumstances, all children in that class receive a make-up that only expires upon your last day of class.
  • During times of Unlimited Attendance, makeup classes are not tracked, as children can always attend every available class each week.  Attending Unlimited classes will automatically deduct from any makeup classes you may have accrued.  When Unlimited Attendance ends, any makeup classes that haven't been used or expired become available once more.


  • If you need to cancel your enrollment, you can do so online
  1. Go to and log in to your account
  2. Click on 'Billing'
  3. Click 'Cancel Enrollment', choose the child and class you wish to cancel, and fill out the online form.
  • You can choose to end your enrollment at the end of any 4-week session, including the one you're currently in.  We do not pro-rate for enrollments that end in the middle of a session.
  • If you need to stop immediately due to injury, illness, or other emergency situations, please contact us ASAP and we can help you!

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