Meet Skyler, Owner of My Gym Carlsbad!


Hi!! I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of you and hope to get to meet all of you. I started My Gym Carlsbad (yes I know it's in Vista ha ha), for my daughter, and it has been the best thing for her development. I opened My Gym in October of 2017 and then in March of 2018 I had a decline in my health and had to rely on my wonderful staff to run the gym (which they did with ease). I cannot express the gratitude I have for my staff and the importance in having a great staff! I am doing well now but was diagnosed with a rare type of brain tumor and had it surgically removed in May of 2018 and luckily I think the amazing medical team at USC removed it all! It was the first time I had left my daughter overnight, and luckily I had my mom to watch her the 7 nights I was in the hospital (my awesome husband stayed with me). Now I am back to feeling better and back at the gym and I have seen my daughters progress with my own eyes. She had always been very smart but struggled with being shy and getting overwhelmed easily. Now you should see her! She has so many friends I am worried we won't be able to fit everyone in the gym for her birthday party! She dances, plays, climbs, interacts with other kids, and listens to teachers (most of the time). Even if I don't ever make money (which of course I hope to do) the gym has been the best place for my daughters development and helped my family in a time we really needed it. We have made such wonderful friends and I can't wait to see where time takes us :)

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