Membership Information, Perks & Gym Rules

Membership Information, Perks & Gym Rules

Updated on 9/10/2023

Membership Pricing:
All Classes (except Preschool STEAM and Preschool STEAM Plus): $139/4 weeks
Preschool STEAM: $169/4 weeks, Preschool STEAM Plus: $199/4 weeks

With membership, you receive the following perks!

  • The opportunity to schedule Practice & Plays (Open Gyms) each week. Online scheduling becomes available after your child's first class. Space may be limited and is not guaranteed. 
  • The opportunity to schedule extra classes "bonus classes" each week. Online scheduling becomes available after your child's first class. Space is not guaranteed. Our class curriculum changes weekly. We remind parents that children attending the same class too many times in one week can lead to burnout. 
  • NOTE: Practice & Plays and Bonus Classes must be booked in advance using your online account.

Please read these important gym rules...

  • Parents must wear socks when on the gym floor and all children must participate in My Gym Gripper socks. My Gym Gripper socks can be purchased for $3 when scheduling a trial week. New enrollments are provided a pair of My Gym Gripper socks and additional pairs may be purchased. Other brands of gripper socks are NOT permitted.
  • Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your class time. Children may be allowed onto the gym floor up to 5 minutes before class, but this is not guaranteed. This depends on when our teachers are ready.
  • In parent participation classes, only one parent is permitted to be on the gym floor per child. Additional adults may observe the class from our lobby. If a class size is small, teachers may occasionally waive this rule.
  • Siblings who are not enrolled in the current class are not allowed on the gym floor. Younger (infant) siblings can be on the gym floor, as long as they’re worn by the attending adult in a carrier. Infant siblings in car seats can also be safely positioned on our front counters during classes.

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