Celebrate National Fitness Day with Us!

Celebrate National Fitness Day with Us!

May 2022

We know fitness... and fun! And what better way to celebrate National Fitness Day than with some simple at-home activities for your child to shake some sillies out!

Here are 10 of our favorite games/activities to celebrate Fitness Day:

1. Balloon Tennis: Hit a balloon back and forth using a DIY cardboard racket.
2. Alphabet Soup: Go through the alphabet and create the letters using your body.
3. Backyard Olympics: Create a fun obstacle course using household items.
4. Puzzle Piece Hunt: Hide pieces around the house and have your child search for them.
5. Bubble Wrap Attack: Time to jump and pop the bubbles!
6. Silly Socks: Toss balled-up socks into a basket a few feet away.
7. Flamingo Contest: Have everyone balance on one foot and see who can hold it the longest.
8. Hallway Bowling: Use a soft, small ball to knock down empty water bottles.
9. Animal Charades: Act out different animals and have family members guess what they are.
10. And our personal favorite… A Mini Online My Gym Class! Click the link below.


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