My Gym Challenged America

My Gym Challenged America

Founded in 2002, MGCA, an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity, was established as a partnership between My Gym Children’s Fitness Center, the leader in the children’s fitness industry with hundreds of locations worldwide, and Randy Bertisch, a physically challenged individual, whose inspiring journey toward recovery from a catastrophic auto accident has empowered him to help children in need.


The mission of MGCA is to positively impact the lives of our challenged youth by helping them develop the skills, confidence and positive self-image needed to reach their maximum potential.  Each month, MGCA provides equipment, services and My Gym scholarships to children whose needs are consistent with the mission of the organization.  The gifts and scholarships presented by the Foundation go further than the improved quality of life they create.  The support and encouragement from Randy and Challenged America inspire children and families to overcome their obstacles and celebrate their many triumphs.  Since its inception, MGCA has been privileged to help countless youngsters nationwide.


How We Help


Equipment and Services:

Challenged America provides assistive devices and therapeutic services to children who are dealing with physical or cognitive challenges.  Providing needed adaptive equipment and access to vital services helps children with special needs function with greater success and confidence in the mainstream environment.


Scholarship Program:

Challenged America awards My Gym Children’s Fitness Center scholarships to children/families in need of financial assistance.  MGCA and My Gym believe that no child should be denied the opportunity to build the physical skills and develop the positive self-image and social adeptness critical to his/her growth and development.  Participation in the My Gym program gives children the tools they need to succeed.


Outreach Program:

Challenged America also works to bring the My Gym Program to economically depressed areas throughout the United States.  We want every child to learn the importance of exercise, proper nutrition and good health at an early age.  Youngsters need to experience, firsthand, that fitness can by fun – My Gym’s message to our youth.  Early intervention and education help My Gym children grow into strong, healthy and more confident adults.


About Our Founder, Randy Bertisch


The life of Randy Bertisch, a gifted and successful screen actor, changed in an instant in 1988, when an out-of-control dump truck struck his car and left him comatose for months with the prognosis of death or a permanent vegetative state.  Randy astonished everyone by fighting back, regaining consciousness and working relentlessly to recover.  Because of his lifelong love of children and as a way of “giving back,” Randy founded My Gym Challenged America to improve the lives of our challenged and underprivileged youth.  The story of Randy’s fight to reclaim his life serves as an inspiration to everyone.


To learn more about Challenged America, how to submit a grant or scholarship application online, or ways in which you can help, please visit us on the Web at


The My Gym Challenged America Foundation



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