Safety rules for attending My Gym

Safety rules for attending My Gym

Health and Safety Rules and Policies for attending My Gym 

  • Before attending: Please pre-screen yourself and child(ren) at home. Please be sure you are symptom-free of any illness.
  • Attend: Please arrive to the gym no earlier than 5 minutes before the class or event. This allows the staff to clean the equipment used in the classes, the lobby area and the bathroom thoroughly before the next class. It is mandatory to make use of the hand-sanitizer before entering the gym. Every person 12 years or older is obliged to use a facemask when inside the facility, except when sitting down in the lobby.
  • Baby classes: Baby classes are run by 1 or 2 teacher(2) who wear(s) a facemask.
  • Independent classes: Independent classes are run by 1 or 2 teacher(s) who wear(s) a facemask. The group size is limited to 15 children.
  • Practise & Play: This session runs normally without little teacher's instructions, although some adventures mights be setup. A maximum of 50 people inside the premises is allowed. Parents need to make sure their children are safe and/or don't compromise other's children's safety.
  • Birthday parties: All the birthday parties and events must comply with a 50 people maximum capacity (excluding 2 teachers).
  • Social spacing: We encourage the children and parents to use the whole gym area during the explore time.
  • Signs of illness: Children showing any signs of illness will be asked to return to the gym when they are 100% symptom-free. Thank you for understanding! As we are running unlimited classes, please enjoy another day!

Thank you for adhering to all policies. 




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