PLEASE READ - Policies and FAQ

PLEASE READ - Policies and FAQ


Each child that takes a weekly class at My Gym is required to first become a member, which is universal across all My Gyms. The membership lasts a lifetime and is good for your entire family. This enables you priority class enrollment, unlimited access to our Practise & Play sessions, and discounts on our Birthday Parties, Holiday Camps and Seasonal Events, which are open to both members and non-members. The one-time lifetime registration fee is usually 75€.


We offer you 50 PERCENT OFF of your lifetime registration (membership) fee if you enroll the day of your guest class!

So, discuss with your family prior to the class and don't let the opportunity get away!

LOVE IT Guarantee! If in the first week of your enrollment you change your mind for any reason, we will cancel your enrollment and return any fees  - it's our no hassle, money-back guarantee.

Class Tuition 

My Gym class enrollments run on a 4-week recurring payment of 73€ for all classes. Siblings have 10% discount. Twins and third siblings have 20% discount. To ensure the progress and development of your child, we encourage you to attend our early year development classes on a weekly basis. Therefore, we do not operate as a drop-in program, as it is not compatible with the program.

Enrollment Flexibility and Recurring Billing 

We bill every 4 weeks for your following 4 weeks of classes. You will be billed on the first day of your next 4-week cycle and you can cancel at any time.

During the first 3 months (3 times 4-weeks) of enrolment, you don't need any cancelation notice. However, after that initial period, you can cancel at any time with a 4-week cancellation notice in person (to fill-up the cancellation form in our system). Once that final payment goes through, you will get those 4 weeks to take any unused make-ups and the last 4 classes. We do not give refunds for partial 4-week cycles which are not used. 

Summer Vacations and Freezing Period

During the summer period, families are allowed to freeze their membership during school holiday period (correspondent to Dutch schools). During this freezing period, tuition will not apply, and will start again the day of the agreed return. 

During Summer Holidays, afternoon classes during work days will not run. Children can convert their weekly class into a 3 hours of Camp, in any Camp day.



If you miss a class, we encourage you to schedule a make-up. Those are created if you informed us at least 2 hours before, that you are not able to come for your class. For make-ups, you can attend any age appropriate class that has spots available. In order to reserve a spot in a class for a make-up, all you need to do is use your login account (if you don't have, ask for one) to setup a make-up class. Alternatively in the event you are having problems accessing your account, you can call or email us and let us know the day and time of the class you wish to attend. We ask that you schedule all make- ups at least 24 hours in advance. Should you not show up for your scheduled make-up without letting us know (up to 2 hours before class), you will lose that make-up. Make-ups for the moment don't have an expiration date but should be booked before the last class.

Practice & Play 

You can bring a currently enrolled child free of charge to every Practice & Play class listed on the schedule. Siblings pay 5€ per session. Practise & Play is an offer exclusive to My Gym enrolled families.

During Practice & Play, children have unstructured play time but do have the opportunity to work on skills they learned in the lessons. Parents must be inside the gym perimeter (regardless of the age of their child) to guarantee the safety of their children and others.

Sick Policy 

For the health of our members, we ask you to keep your children home if they show any sign of illness. Normal make-ups policy applies.

Additional Policies and Safety Guidelines

- When participating in class, children go barefoot and adults are required to wear socks.

Please remember that you are responsible for watching your child at all times during parent participation classes.

If a different family member, guardian or friend will be picking up your child, please advise your My Gym teacher when dropping off the child.

- To ensure that all our classes are safe and fun for everyone we do not allow siblings on the gym floor. The only exception to this rule is a younger sibling in an infant carrier (Example: Backpack, front carrier or Baby Bjorn) during parent-child classes. This child must stay in the infant carrier for the entirety of the class. You are more than welcome to let your child play in the playroom outside during the time of class. 

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