Hi-Hi, How Do You Do? Welcome to working for My Gym!

Hi-Hi, How Do You Do? Welcome to working for My Gym!

June 2022

“My Gym has been our “happy place” since my oldest son was one. His little brother has since followed in his footsteps. The staff is amazing. They are caring, thoughtful, and energetic, and their enthusiasm for their jobs shows in every class! I am so thankful for a place for my kids to learn new gross and fine motor skills as well as social skills. We are looking forward to many more years of classes.” -Rachel C., My Gym parent

When parents are asked why they chose My Gym for their children, the answers often paint a picture of a delightfully happy, clean, colorful space with an enriching curriculum designed to help all children learn through meaningful play. We at My Gym Children’s Fitness Center are all too happy to create these wonderful safe spaces for kids to learn and grow – it is our life’s work! However, our big circle, cheerful music, adorable puppet shows, and exhilarating Space Flight rides would all be for naught if it weren’t for one very important spark, our WONDERFUL teachers.

My Gym is special because our people are special, and we are so proud of our diverse and talented staff. In the last year especially, My Gyms, along with businesses all over the world, have had to work double-time to recruit and retain top talent. In order to be fully staffed, our gyms across the United States alone collectively hire for approximately 1000 teaching positions. That’s a lot of teachers! Of course, as with most other things, the ongoing pandemic has made staffing a bit more difficult. Entire industries are still reeling in the wake of the so-called “Great Resignation.” Companies everywhere are pulling out all the stops in an effort to attract great people to come work for them.

However, we at My Gym observed that, despite how hard things have been, there has been a truism: Job seekers want their work to mean something. They want to bring joy to their work, engage with people who genuinely care, and surround themselves with leaders who encourage and trust their employees. Fortunately, My Gym aligns with those priorities perfectly. We constantly strive to bring our best selves to the job, and our owners and directors care deeply about fostering an environment of love and respect. This carries over into our classes too; children are loved and nurtured so they can bloom.

Moreover, as diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice are core principles for our company, it is important that our teachers come from all walks of life. A 2021 survey conducted by My Gym Enterprises showed that approximately half of all My Gymers self-identify as coming from diverse economic, educational, racial, and religious backgrounds, and we are all so much better for it. We are extremely proud that our staff reflects the diverse communities we serve.

It is exactly because we “walk the walk” each and every day that we attract kind, funny, intelligent, patient, and enthusiastic people to work for My Gym. When new My Gymers participate in their very first circle time, they quickly realize how meaningful and rewarding our work truly is. The alchemy of a special place with special people creates magic! That is why we feel so lucky that our all-star teachers have chosen to dedicate their passion and talents to My Gym.

P.S. If you are a parent enjoying classes at your local gym, feel free to brag about your gym’s teachers to us. Truly, a compliment about an amazing staff member is far and away our favorite type of testimonial.

And, if you or someone GREAT you know is looking to find their tribe, please consider referring that special person to My Gym! With more than 700 locations internationally, My Gym Children’s Fitness Center is consistently ranked the #1 children’s program worldwide, and our awesome, fun teachers are the main reason behind that. If you’re all about working hard, playing hard, and being the bright spot of a child’s week, we would love to meet you! Visit our website at www.mygym.com/career to browse our openings and apply today.

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