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Creating Moments That Matter!

My Gym was born out of our passion to teach children in a fun, physically engaging environment. We delighted in seeing children's eyes light up for all those incredible milestones, from the tentative first steps to tumbling down soft mats. Sharing the parents’ excitement at their children’s accomplishments was the high point of our day.

We knew from the start that, through fun and captivating activities, we could accomplish great things. Our goal: To create an environment where children feel loved and supported so their self-esteem and confidence can flourish. Now, more than 35 years later, we’re proud to say that all children of all abilities can succeed and thrive at My Gym.

With 600+ locations worldwide, our dream of active, giggling children growing into happy and confident adults has been realized. We cherish every one of our members and are grateful to have each as part of our My Gym family.

Our Team


Title - District Director
Favorite Game - Snowball Throw
Nickname - "Uncle Craig"
More about Craig


Title - Owner
Favorite Game - Snowball Throw
Nickname - "The General"
More about Ryan


Title - Executive Director
Favorite Game - Wedge Mat Splat
Nickname - "Shmeliss"
More about Melissa


Title - Director of Engagement
Favorite Game - Doing the Penguin
Nickname - "Alaska"
More about Alexa


Title - Teacher
Favorite Game - Bottoms Up
Nickname - "Miss A Panda"
More about Amanda


Title - Teacher
Favorite Game - Hanging Bolsters
Nickname - "Coach"
More about Anthony


Title - Director of Client Relations
Favorite Game - Scarf Relay
Nickname - "Mister Coopie"
More about Cooper


Title - Regional Director
Favorite Game - Catch It If You Can
Nickname - "Dr. Dre"
More about Drea


Title - Teacher
Favorite Game - Circus Tent
Nickname - "H Dawg"
More about Helena


Title - Trainer
Favorite Game - Bottoms Up
Nickname - "Miss Laura"
More about Laura


Title - Trainer
Favorite Game - Crazy Cones
Nickname - "Miss Meghan"
More about Meghan


Title - Staff
More about Summer

Have work? Yes!

We love teaching kids, and we have a blast while doing it!

My Gym is consistently ranked the #1 children's program worldwide. And our awesome, fun teachers are the main reason behind that. We're looking for individuals who like to play hard and work hard, at the same time! My Gym is an international corporation with more than 550 locations in over 30 countries. This is a great opportunity to start with a company where you can work your way up to become the boss. We are also looking for people who want something part-time with great hours and a great work environment.

Sound good?

If you are interested in joining our fun cast of characters, send us your resume today!

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