What Are My Gym Parents Saying?

What Are My Gym Parents Saying?

I took my 1.5 year old for one of the classes in her age range. I was blown away by how clean the place was, there were great COVID guidelines in place and the perfect amount of kids for it to not be overwhelming! The instructor was fun, knowledgeable and very had a positive attitude! My daughter had a blast so we signed her up for classes!
-Karlie S

The staff is amazing and my daughter has so much fun!

We send our two year old and he absolutely loves his classes. Once the twins start walking, we’ll send them when Patrick’s in preschool.
-Heather S

Going to My Gym is Maggie’s favorite day of the week! She was shy at the beginning and didn’t partake in many of the skills but now she is so much more comfortable trying new things. We have been going about 5 months. I’m so grateful for all that it has done for her.
-Jaime M

My Gym in Glastonbury is amazing. I feel like it’s my second home. Some days I’m there twice a day. The teachers are fantastic. Mrs Amy, Mr. Andre, Mr. Matt. And of course Mrs. Alice when she is at the location. My child and the other kids I babysitt for have such an amazing time they don’t want to leave at the end of the class. And who could blame them. These amazing teachers create an amazing class. I’ve been to Birthday parties there and very helpful bring the kids they have a great time and you don’t have to clean up. They have amazing camps. Drop off the kids and you can do whatever you need to do without kids. They serve snacks to the kids.
-Sylvia G

Our daughter has been attending MyGym Glastonbury since she was an infant. We look forward to class every week and cannot say enough wonderful things about the enthusiastic and fun teachers and directors here. We are always greeted with smiling faces, and the facility is clean and safe. Over the past two years, we have watched our daughter grow socially and develop confidence in herself to take risks that she would otherwise not have, thanks to MyGym. Love it here!
-Leah M

Very friendly staff and kids love them!
-Adrian T

Attended a four year old birthday party here. The staff was extremely friendly and energetic, knew every child's name when they walked in the door, and kept the kids engaged the entire time. Andre was especially great. Thanks for a great party.
-Matt G

My almost 3 year old daughter goes to the summer camp and preschool prep here, both are drop off programs. She loves it and asks to go every day. I'm happy she's getting used to spending some time away from me before starting preschool soon. Her vocabulary has grown and socialization skills have really improved since she started coming here. The place is very clean and the staff genuinely care about the kids. I highly recommend it.
-Mora C
Started going here about a month ago after a recommendation from a friend. I love the structure of the class- there is free time, specific activities and skills they work on each week, plus circle time, music and tons more fun. Each week no matter the instructors, they are personable, warm, welcoming and really give each of the kids their attention. Super happy to have found such a wonderful place! Will certainly recommend to other friends!
-Marisa P

I continue to be a stay at home, enrolling Lucy in programs that can help her flourish. My Gym and the local library's story time keeps her busy and learning. I notice her taking skills she learns from gym and using them outside the gym. Whether it's trying to do flips or simply waiting her turn (which is currently a part of Terrific Tots). I've enjoyed seeing how the lessons and class structure has changed from one class to the next. I know that My Gym has will continue to set a foundation for when she starts preschool next year.
-Jennie N

Just wanted to pass along some positive feedback about our Monday 5:40 Gymster/Terrific Tot class. Andre explained to us that the class would be run more like an open/Practice 'n Play session since he was alone (which was no problem for us). Anyway, he did an incredible job - snowman puppet show, bubble storm, skill session with the beanbags/shapes/colors - all with ease. It would have been easy and understandable to be flustered in that solo situation but Andre was engaged, professional and gave us a wonderful class. He then transitioned to Practice 'n Play at 6:30 where there were LOTS of kids, maintained a safe and fun atmosphere and even thanked my kids by name when we left midway for coming. Kudos Andre!
-Tracey & Mike M

My daughter is incredibly shy and was really nervous when we started taking her to My Gym. The teachers have been absolutely incredible; they are fun, patient, and passionate about kids. My Gym has been a very special part of our lives and they really helped my daughter start to blossom and open up more. I highly recommend them!!
-Jessica T

My daughter is really shy but loves the gym and is starting to get comfortable with the wonderful instructors. Even when she has tough days, they are so kind and warm - it's a great place!
-Jessica T

My daughter loves this place. She is a bit shy but runs right in here and sometimes doesn't want to leave!
-Lynn CI

Above and beyond my expectations with my son's 1st birthday party, I'm so pleased!!!
-Paloma M

My girls love this place! We've had 2 parties here (our first one at the newest location was recently) and our girls loved it, the staff was great, and all of the kids had a great time.
-Kayla H

My daughter is in love with this place! She's 9 months and has a ball! The staff are awesome with the kids and really have a great curriculum, they also accommodate to the kids' needs and physical needs!! I tell everyone how awesome the gym is!!
-Monica P

The girls running the bday party were awesome with the kids and very organized!! My son did not want to leave.
-Lisa T-Q

My Gym is an amazing and fun place with a supportive and caring staff. I have been going since my youngest son was about 6 months old. We began bringing him because he was an only child that was not in day care as a way for him to learn to share and play nicely with others. He is now 5 and still goes, as does my 2 year old son. I first went to the free trial class and, as an educator, was impressed with the structure of the class. I recommend My Gym to anyone who may be interested!
-Sarah CB

Been taking my kids to My Gym Glastonbury for over a year now. The kids have grown so much and learned skills.
-Fred F

We have been to My Gym parties for all of our "grands" and each one surpasses the previous ones. The staff is amazing in the way they engage each child all through the event - the time flies and no one wants the good time to end. The way they keep everyone and everything sanitized is really impressive and the clever way they simply roll everything up after the party snacks is clever. It's the easiest and most fun way to give a child a party!
-Mary V

We love My Gym! We started classes when my son was in preschool and kept going into early elementary school. The teachers were very professional, provided high quality classes, and seamlessly modified the activities to the individuals in the class. The teachers were always warm and welcoming. I appreciated My Gym's make-up policy because I didn't feel like my son was missing out if he was out sick or we were on vacation. The facility and equipment always looked clean and I didn't worry about my son picking up germs in the gym.
-Jessica P

Our daughter has had a fabulous time with the services and staff at My Gym Glastonbury. It was a wonderful way to get her energy out indoors (in other words there was never any concern about the weather!). Customer service is also excellent. Also, I haven't had a party at My Gym but attended one and it was wonderful!
-Kathryn P

My 3.5 year old twins have been going to My Gym since they were 6 months old. What a great way to get out that energy while learning not only how to climb, but tidying up, sitting for the circle time, and following basic instructions! The staff is excellent with the kids. Highly recommended!
-Jennifer WC

Gone to My Gym since little one was 6 months old. Great for little one to get some energy out and great way to meet other parents!!
-Kaitlyn R

Went there last night for Colby's superhero 4th birthday. Great job by staff. The kids loved it. Great music...hero songs, and high positive energy. Thank you for giving my great nephew "the best birthday party ever."
-Jim P

My Gym Glastonbury is best in class. They go out of their way to make all the kids feel special while learning.
-Anthony A

Thank you for the free class, gave my son and husband a chance to see what the gym is all about! We will be back!
-Amy R

My baby boy loved their music class and it was a great way for him to interact with other babies while I met new moms.
-Leslie FL

My 10 month old baby girl loves everything at My Gym and I enjoyed every class myself too. Every week we did different games and music.
-Enegla A

We loved our classes at My Gym!!! Ben would get so excited when I said we were going.
-Kim CM

Best place EVER! Great classes and AWESOME parties!
-Ayanna BF

I've only been to My Gym for a pair of birthday parties so I will only talk about those. The parties are fast paced and well organized. I was impressed with how fast they transformed the gym into many different arrangements quickly. I think this is crucial to keeping the kids engaged. ... I would recommend anyone having a 1-4 yr old party there,
-Chris R

We recently had a birthday party for our 3 year old and it was awesome!! The teachers were great and kept the children of varying ages all engaged. It was a stress free fun filled day. The guests to the party also were very impressed. I highly recommend this place as a birthday party location.
-Kealy T

Good, clean, fun!! My Gym is a large (must seem gigantic for toddlers!!) play space with trampolines, a ball pit, monkey bars, a rock wall and numerous other fun items that they are constantly moving around and using in different ways to keep it novel and fun for the kids. Practice and Play is great to let kids run around, climb, bounce, tumble and just get some energy out. Throughout the session, instructors interact with each child and have "skill stations" where kids can practice various skills (balancing, hanging, tumbling...). Classes are more structured than "Practice and Play" and keep kids moving and entertained!! All the instructors are incredibly enthusiastic, friendly and great with the kids. We originally signed up for the winter, but think we will continue throughout the summer too!
-Anna H

I'm a teacher and have been bringing my kids here for 5 years, every week. Lessons are sequential, teach sportsmanship and introduce motor/fitness skills. Staff is well trained and new place is really big and always clean. Would highly recommend!
-Jason L

This is a great place for kids of all ages. After trying one class for free, we became members for 5 months that same day. This place is very, very clean. Staff are helpful and so friendly. I would definitely recommend My Gym to any family!! A+++++
-Albina C

We have attended more birthday parties than I can even remember at this location. The staff are always extremely kind, respectful and do wonders with the children. While we have not attended classes, pretty much all of my oldest child's friends have, and they do nothing but rave about everything. From waht I have seen, this is a well run business that caters very well to the 3-6 set.
-Adrian W

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