Illness Policy

Illness Policy

No Sick Children in the Gym

My Gym strives to create a safe, clean environment for all children to learn and play. To that end we ask parents to keep children at home who show any signs of illness.

My Gym Sick Policy

· If your child is sick, or was sick yesterday, please keep them home from class

· Children who are coughing (while they may in fact have gotten over their prior illness) still APPEAR sick and make everyone else in the class uncomfortable. If your child has a cough, please keep them home from class.

· We are sensitive to the fact that some children have respiratory/lung issues (such as an asthma cough) unrelated to illness. If this is the case with your child, please check in with a staff member at the beginning of each class you attend.

· If your child's nose is running, please keep them home from class.

· Any child who vomits in our facility will be immediately sent home without exception.

· At the gate leading to the gym floor, we have free hand sanitizer. We appreciate your help in using this product on yourselves and your children on your way into and out of the gym at every class or event you attend.

Any children who enter our facility exhibiting any of these symptoms may be asked to leave and schedule a make up class. If you are asked to leave, please understand that this does not mean we do not want your child in class, we just want to keep everyone healthy.

Keep in mind that as long as you inform us of an absence via phone or email, we have a generous make up policy for missed classes. We are happy to let your child make up any class missed due to illness.

Thank you for your help in keeping My Gym and our community's children healthy and safe!

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