Pre Register for FALL Schedule!

Pre Register for FALL Schedule!


Please fill out the form below to snag a spot on our NEW schedule!
(Please understand that this is just a request, and your spot is NOT guaranteed until we reach out to you!) 

If you are already registered for classes, there is no need to register again! If you would like to switch classes, please fill out the form below so we can get in touch with you!

Please read though our RECENT announcements regarding classes prior to filling out our form!


We have a few announcements…

1) New Class Capacity (Classes + Playdates) 
2) New Tentative Schedule (Friday and Saturday Opening!) 
3) Zoom Class Notice/Preschool Prep 
4) Playdate Discounts! 
We are ready to move on to our next step! We will be allowing 2 more children to enroll in classes effective next week to allow a total of 12 people in the gym at a time! 
For those of you who are on the waitlist, we will be reaching out to you to offer you a spot in classes! 
We are still VERY short staffed so it will take us a while to make all the calls :( 
If you are interested in enrolling, please fill out the form on our website to request a spot. We will email you back to confirm your enrollment!

We have decided to do electronic enrollment requests only. Please use the online form on our website and fill it out to request your desired spot in class. Payment options are limited to Credit Card at this time. 
We do ask to have your credit card information updated on your My Gym account, as we will process your payment to secure your spot in class. We will send you an email receipt to confirm your payment and spot in class!

Please understand that your submitted request does not guarantee your spot. Please also ONLY fill out the online form on your registration dates.

Please also review our new policy prior to enrolling:
*Tuition is billed automatically every 4 weeks. 28-day notice and a final payment is required prior cancelling. 
*Given the current circumstances, no makeups will be honored for missed classes. 
*Parent participation class: only 1 grown-up per child (No siblings, grown-ups allowed on lobby to watch). 
*Independent class: Grown-ups must drop-off child at the entrance and pickup child promptly. Classes are available to view on Zoom! 
*Grown-ups MUST wear a mask at all times. 
*Everyone will be let into class a few minutes prior to start time. Teachers will be spending a lot of time cleaning all surfaces between each class. Please wait outside until a teacher comes outside to greet you. 

2) We are hoping to greet out My Gym Teachers back! 
It's been a while since we last saw our AMAZING teaching squad! We are hoping we can have them back on staff with your help!
We will open up pre-registration for FRIDAY and SATURDAY classes with start dates TBA. (Hopefully in August or September).
With enough signups, we will be able to open 7 days a week again! 
We are so sorry for all working parents that are stuck on the waitlist for Sunday….We are trying our best to open more slots to accommodate everyone!
Please submit your request to join the Friday or Saturday classes from our website. 
We will put you on the waitlist and contact you when we finalize the start date!

3) Zoom Classes
We are sad to announce that we will have to conclude our My Gym LIVE zoom classes at the end of the month. 
It has been an AMAZING 4 months seeing you virtually every day! 
Unfortunately, My Gym will be trying to focus on our in-person classes. 
We will continue with our Preschool Prep program and we are hoping to expand our time slots! 
As going back to school or starting preschool may not be an option for everyone…we wanted to make sure we are here for you!
Our regular Tuesday+Thursday 9:00am slots are full but we are accepting more enrollment for a NEW slot!
Please contact us to be on the waitlist for our NEW slots in the future. 

4) We will be offering DISCOUNTED hassle FREE Playdate bookings! 
Sign up for once a week playdates and we will get you automatically enrolled for the same spot each week!
*Sibling discounts of 20% off 2nd child available!
*If you are registered for classes, you get 20% off monthly playdate enrollment! 
*4 Play dates for $72 (10% OFF), 2nd Sibling/2nd class discount $64 (20% OFF) 
*No make-up for missed playdates, can not be transferred to other children. 

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