Enroll in Preschool Prep

Enroll in Preschool Prep

Preschool Prep focuses on imparting to children the skills needed to excel in preschool and beyond. Through our My Gym curriculum, arts & crafts, stimulating small group & independent activities, and basic academic preschool instruction, students will transition into preschool and kindergarten with confidence, curiosity, and a love for learning.

This is a 2-hour, independent program. Sorry, parents cannot stay during preschool prep. Please see our drop off policy below. 

Weekly preschool Prep Classes: 

  • Tuesdays, 1-3pm
  • Wednesdays, 9-11am
  • Fridays, 9-11am

Preschool Class Tuition:* 

1 class per week: $120/4 weeks (recurring billing)

2 classes per week: $216/4 weeks (recurring billing)

3 classes per week: $300/4 weeks (recurring billing)

*A one-time membership fee of $75 in addition to monthly tuition required for all new members. Please note we require a 'one payment notice' to cancel. 

What to bring: Please provide a labeled water bottle for your child and a small snack, no peanuts. Please bring a change of clothes and an extra pull up if needed. 

SICK POLICY: We follow a 'Take no Chances' Policy when it comes to preventing the spread of illness in the gym. If you or your child is showing any signs of illness (cough, runny nose, sneezing, etc.), please do not bring them to class and notify us by text (253-630-8880) so we can plan accordingly. Thank you for helping us keep the gym clean and kiddos safe! As an extra precaution, all kids must wash their hands before entering the play area.

DROP OFF POLICY: To minimize risk and help to keep families & staff safe, please wait near your car until a teacher greets you at the door. We will take your child's temperature and walk them into the facility. Sorry, parents cannot come in or stay during preschool prep. Drop-off is at 9am, please do not come more than 5 minutes early.

PICK-UP: Kids will be ready to go in the lobby for pick-up. Please wait outside, and a teacher will walk students to you. Pick-up is promptly at 11am. Please text us if you are running late. 

Ready to sign-up? Enroll in one preschool class. If you'd like to add more preschool classes, text us (253) 630-8880 so we can add them to your account.

CLICK HERE for safety & mask guidance. 

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