You’d Like a Parents Night Out in La Jolla? Our Daycare Is Just What You Need!

You’d Like a Parents Night Out in La Jolla? Our Daycare Is Just What You Need!

When kids arrive, it gets harder and harder to find the time and the energy for a night out for the parents in La Jolla. It seems like all your free time is dedicated to caring for your little munchkins, showering them with love, and taking them to amazing locations such as Legoland or the SeaWorld in San Diego. The time for one of the institutions of the San Diego Unified School District can’t come soon enough, right?

Don’t feel bad, raising children is the best job in the world, but it’s also hard work. It takes energy, time, and dedication, and each and every one of us needs to take a break from time to time. Sure, we organize the most engaging children summer camps in La Jolla, and we also arrange outstanding spring break kids camps in La Jolla, but what about the spur of the moment decision?

What about that time when you think “Gosh, I really feel like taking my partner for a parents night out near me!” Well, you’re in luck, as we have just the thing for you! Our daycare is perfect for those spontaneous moments when you feel like letting loose a bit. But not too much, you still have to pick your kids up. Daycares are an excellent solutions, especially when they’re as good as ours. But, if you’re still unsure, let us answer some questions.

Is daycare good for toddlers?

Daycare can be extremely beneficial to toddlers. It’s not just about parents thinking “I need a parents night out daycare near me to relax a bit!”. There’s more to it than that. Let’s see just how more, and what all the benefits of daycare for kids are.

  1. Good behavior - Children who attend high-quality centers with professional daycare facilities are sure to become better-behaved than before. Not to say your kid is behaving badly.

  2. Smarty pants - Because children at daycare centers participate in numerous activities, it jolts their thinking caps and improves their cognitive and language development.

  3. Ready for school - Children who’ve attended daycare centers are better-prepared for starting their school journey.

  4. I have something to say - As we’ve said, daycare fosters the development of language abilities, and kids who go to daycare start improving their communicative skills earlier on.

  5. I’m as fit as a fiddle - Believe it or not, children who go to daycare are less prone to infections and some diseases later on in life. By being in large groups from an early age, their immune systems get really tough really soon.

No need to worry about freeing your schedule for a parents night out in La Jolla, we’ve got you covered!

If you need a break, don’t feel guilty. We all do. The only thing you need to be careful about is choosing the right daycare for your kids. However, even that is easier than you might think! My Gym La Jolla offers fantastic daycare, with plenty of interesting and engaging activities for children of all ages and stages.

Our classes are renowned for their imaginativeness and versatility, as we always try to do things a bit differently, so they remain as fresh as the first day. If you’re desperately craving “Please, just one parents night out near me, it’s all I need!”, we’re here for you. But, there’s still more.

Our first class is always FREE, and always quite FUN

How can you make sure your children are in good, nay, great hands? Come and see for yourself, how else? We understand that you can’t be sure until you feel it, and that you can be certain your kids are going to love it. That is why you can come whenever and join a class absolutely free. We know you’ll like it, and we know you’ll come again, as Apu would put it.

You don’t have to wait and worry, come to us soon, it’s not a hurry

Is daycare better than staying at home?

It depends on the definition of staying at home. Children need to spend quality time at home with their parents, that’s a given. They also need to learn to play on their own, so they can play well with others, and they need to learn to appreciate everything provided for them at their abode.

But, when it comes to the eternal debate of hiring a nanny or a babysitter, there really is no debate at all. Quite frankly, nothing can replace a good daycare, nothing can even come close. So, all those parents who’ve been pondering “I’d like a parents night out, is a daycare near me a good option?” can rest easy knowing that it is.

Why? Well, the biggest benefits of daycares is that there are other children about. Your kids get to interact with their peers, partake in fun and stimulating activities, and learn how to play well with others, both literally and figuratively.

If you opt for a nanny or a babysitter, the socialization aspect flies right out the window, and it’s always an unknown whether or not your child will be properly engaged while you’re out. You simply never know, while with daycare, you can always be sure.

Just one of the many reasons why parents who need a night out in La Jolla can leave the kids safe with us

We’re not just any daycare, we’re the best daycare in the San Diego area. We’ve placed great care when choosing the staff that is going to work with your children, into making sure that they’re top-notch, much the same way our daycare workers take extra care when preparing all the amazing activities for your children. They pay attention to make sure the activities are fun, versatile, and always engaging. What more could you ask for?

Like it? No reason to be a slowpoke, come to My Gym and enjoy a parents night out in La Jolla!

How many hours should a child be in daycare?

This is a question we really can’t give a straight answer to. It’s one thing for those people who are would like to once in a while say “I seriously need a parents night out near me!”, and a different matter entirely for people who, because of work or other obligations, have to leave their kids at daycare everyday.

One thing we can say, though, is that you should find a daycare that your children will be so over the moon with, you won’t have to constantly be checking your clock to save your child from the horrors of it all.

Daycare should not feel like a place your child has to be at, but rather a place your child wants to. If you have to force your child to spend time at daycare, then something’s definitely wrong. Either it’s too boring, or too strict, or too demanding.

Nothing can replace the time your child spends with you, and that’s the way it should be. But, bearing that in mind, neither should daycare be a place your child can’t get away from quickly enough once you knock on the door. Choose your daycare center carefully, and time restrictions are not an aspect that will matter.

Need a parents night out in La Jolla? Why not try the My Gym way?

The daycare center at My Gym La Jolla is certainly not a place your children will want to escape. In fact, we sometimes have difficulties getting children to leave! That’s how incredibly amusing our activities are. Joking aside, our daycare is the best, and we won’t shy aways from proudly saying it. If you want your kids in good hands, come and check us out!

Our daycare is as good as it sounds, some stop by, don’t wait around!

How do i drop my child off at daycare?

It’s all rather easy - you bring your child, and drop him or her off with the daycare workers. And presto, your child is at daycare! Yes, we know you didn’t mean that. Children, especially younger children, can get pretty sad and clingy when you need to leave them, so here are some tips to make the initial drop-off blues a bit easier.

  1. Create a ritual - By creating a routine, your child will get used to the occurrence more quickly.

  2. Don’t loiter - The longer you procrastinate the goodbye, the harder it becomes.

  3. Create a speech - Men of Rohan, of Gondor, my brothers… No, wait, that’s Aragorn. Invent a speech you will use to encourage your little one for daycare time.

  4. Bring an item - Be it a blankie or a fluffy toy, bring something your child can take with him, only to make the separation easier.

  5. Be very patient - Nothing happens overnight, and neither can your child get used to the idea of daycare in a couple of days. Be patient, stick to the routine, and your kid will soon become independent.

And, once your child sees just how incredible the daycare center at My Gym La Jolla is, they’ll soon be all

“Hey, mom and dad, when’s your next parents night out in La Jolla?”

OK, we might be exaggerating a bit, a tiniest bit, but children do fall in love with our daycare, there’s no way around it. Nothing can replace time spent with family, but sometimes, you have to resort to daycare. And that’s exactly the thing about My Gym La Jolla - neither you nor your kids will feel like you’re “resorting” to it. It’s much too good to feel like that.

Quite the opposite is true. Our daycare is so fun, so interesting, so engaging, and so amazingly enjoyable that your kids will not think of it as an obligation, but as a pleasure. Our daycare workers really are the best at what they do, and they will sure go above and beyond their call of duty to make your kids feel appreciated. If all this sounds good, and it sure does, come and see.

And, never forget - free first class is fun first class!

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