How Does My Gym Work?

How Does My Gym Work?

How My Gym Works
Below is all the information on how things work at My Gym. Of course, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us or give us a call.

Class Tuition
My Gym classes are run on an enrollment basis where you pay tuition for classes. To ensure that the appropriate number of trained staff is always available, we do not operate as a drop-in program. Our tuition is $80 for 4 weeks of classes. With this you are registered for one class per week. As a bonus, with class enrollment you are welcome to attend unlimited Practice & Play sessions per week free of charge.  We do offer discounts for multiple classes, siblings and twins. We have found that when parents consider that our classes are 50-60 minutes versus 30-45 minute classes commonly offered at other facilities plus weekly Practice and Plays they find that we offer a good value.

Enrollment Flexibility and Recurring Billing
We do not require you to sign up for an entire semester and you can join at any time. Instead we bill you every 4 weeks for your following 4 weeks of classes. You will be automatically billed on the first day of your next 4 week cycle. We require all of our Members to sign up for a minimum of 8 consecutive weeks as we want you and your child to see the benefits of our classes. Our 30+ years of experience in children’s fitness has shown us that it takes at least that for you to see the benefits in your child.

We have a very generous make up policy, so long as you let us know before hand, you can always make up a missed class.  We need your support to make it work for all. If you are away on vacation, have an appointment, etc, the day of your class, please call or email us at least 24hrs before and let us know that your child is not coming to class.  That space could be yours next time for a make-up.  If your child got sick the day of the class, no problem.  Please call or email us at least 2 hours prior to class to free up the space for someone else to take.  Please help us make the system work for everybody and let us know when your child is not coming to class.  Make-up classes expire on the day of the last paid class once enrollment is cancelled. Make-ups cannot be used to extend enrollment past a cancellation date.

In order to reserve a spot in a class for a make-up you simply need to log in to your account online and book it. Your make-up is confirmed online with a confirmation email. If you do not get a confirmation and decide to come anyway, there is a chance you could be turned away if the class is full. Of course we would like to have all of our friends in class and we get sad at the thought of having to turn someone away, but it becomes a safety issue if we have too many people in class. So in order to keep the class fun and SAFE for all participants we do have to cap attendance at a certain point.

Practice & Play
Class tuition entitles you to bring a child who is enrolled in classes free of charge to any and all of the Practice & Play periods listed on the schedule page. Practice & Play is a drop-in event so there is no need to call ahead. During Practice & Play children have unstructured play time under the supervision of a parent or guardian who is responsible for the safety of their child and those around them. A My Gym staff member will be available to answer questions and to help monitor for safety and will run a practice skill station. There are no make ups for missed Practice & Plays. Non-enrolled siblings may attend Practice & Play for $5 per visit. Non Enrolled Families may join for $7/child.

Enrollment Cancellations
You can cancel class enrollment at any time after your first 8 weeks. Your child has a spot reserved in our classes and will automatically remain enrolled until we received a signed Cancellation Request Form.  At that time you have one payment left and your contract will expire 4 weeks from that last scheduled payment.  Children will continue to attend classes and Practice & Plays and must complete any make ups prior to the last class date. We do not give refunds for partial 4 week cycles that are not used.

Are siblings allowed on the gym floor?
We do understand that often times older or younger siblings may have the day off from school and need to come along to My Gym for the day. We do not allow siblings on the gym floor. You are more than welcome to bring some toys or games for siblings to play with in the lobby during class. We do provide coloring for any siblings. We appreciate all of our Members understanding of this matter to ensure that all of our classes are safe and fun for all.

Staying Healthy/Illness Policy:
Let’s all work together to keep all families and children as healthy as possible.   Please encourage your children to wash their hands before and after playing in the gym as good hand washing is the first line of defense against the spread of many illnesses. 

To prevent the spread of illnesses, we ask that you please keep your children home if they have exhibited any of the following in the past 24 hours:   

o    Fever
o    Excessive Cough
o    Runny nose
o    Sore throat
o    Vomiting
o    Diarrhea
o    Eye/Skin infection
o    Head lice
o    Rash of any kind
o    Any symptoms of childhood illness (i.e. measles, mumps, chicken pox, etc.)

Any children who enter our facility exhibiting any of these symptoms (even if you feel they are no longer ill) may be asked to leave and do a make-up class. This makes for an uncomfortable situation for both the parent and our staff (as well as a disappointing one for your child).  Please adhere to the Illness Policy so we can avoid uncomfortable situations during class. If you are asked to leave, please understand that this does not mean we do not want your child in class – we just want to keep everyone healthy.  Make-up classes will be given for absence due to illness subject to the Make-up Policy.

We very much appreciate your cooperation and thank you for your support.   As always, please feel free to come to us with any questions or concerns.

​Guidelines for Safety and Fun:
·   Food and/or drinks are NOT permitted on the carpeted gym floor.
·   For safety reasons, children participating in Classes, Practice & Plays, Birthday Parties or other My Gym events MUST be barefoot on the carpeted gym floor.   Adults are required to wear socks. 
·   For safety reasons, toys from home are NOT permitted on the gym floor.
·   Please arrive on time for classes so that children have an opportunity to explore the gym prior to the start of the structured activities. 
·   During parent-participation classes, you are responsible for supervising your child at all times.
·   Participating in the My Gym programs involves some risk. 
·   My Gym is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.


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