Tuition Rates, Registration Information & Policies

Lifetime Family Membership Fee: 
The $75 Lifetime Family Membership Fee is a one-time fee that is applied upon your first enrollment.  It is once per family, not per child.  Upon becoming a member, all children in your family are entitled to discounted fees for Birthday Parties and become eligible to register for Camps, Parents' Night Out, and special events at My Gym!  Members are also invited to join us for Practice & Play for $8/visit (HST incl.) per child. 

Class Registration & Automatic Payment Plan Policy:  
o    The minimum enrollment period at My Gym is twelve (12) consecutive weeks. 
o    Child(ren) remain continually enrolled at My Gym and payments continue automatically every four (4) weeks/28 days until a written request to cancel is submitted to My Gym with a minimum of four (4) weeks/28 days notice. 
o    The Automatic Payment Plan is based on a 4-week payment cycle and includes one (1) structured class per week.  As a bonus, the cost of one (1) Practice & Play per week is waived for a child registered in a class. 
o    Any and all requests to switch, change or cancel classes must be received in writing.  Verbal requests cannot be accepted. 
o    Once a cancellation request has been received, My Gym will confirm the final class date, final payment date & final payment amount via email. 
o    Cancellation is the sole responsibility of the Parent/Guardian/Billing Contact.  Non-attendance does not constitute cancellation.  Refunds or credits cannot be issued for unattended classes. 

Tuition Rate:  
One Child: $93 +HST every 4 weeks 
Add a sibling or a second class and save 30% on the additional class 

Practice & Play (Members Only): 
·   Practice & Play is $8 HST incl. per visit per child (members only).  
·   The cost of one (1) Practice & Play per week is waived for a child registered in a class.   
·   Practice & Plays are NOT eligible for Make-ups.   
·   Practice & Play is a Parent/Guardian supervised activity.  Parent/Guardian supervision on the gym floor is required at ALL times during Practice & Play. 

Make-up Policy: 
To be eligible for a make-up class, families must report their child's absence via email prior to the scheduled class.  Failure to provide such notice results in the forfeiture of a makeup class.  Make-up classes:   

  • ·  Must be scheduled online through your My Gym Account a minimum of 24 hours in advance 

  • ·  Must be scheduled in a class other than your child's regular (home) class 

  • ·  Expire 28 days from the original missed class date 

  • ·  All make-up classes expire on the date of your child’s final class 

The scheduling of make-up classes, within allowed time-frames, is the sole responsibility of the member.  The scheduling of a make-up class is not guaranteed and is subject to each member's availability and availability in each class.  

There may be short periods when My Gym is closed or classes are not running (statutory holidays/scheduled closures).  If this occurs, tuition payments will be pushed and a make-up class is not required. In the rare event of an unscheduled closure (i.e. inclement weather, power outages, etc) a makeup class will be issued.

Staying Healthy/Illness Policy: 
To prevent the spread of illnesses, we ask that you please keep your children home if they have exhibited any of the following in the past 24 hours:    
o    Fever 
o    Excessive cough 
o    Runny nose 
o    Sore throat 
o    Vomiting 
o    Diarrhea 
o    Eye/Skin infection 
o    Head lice 
o    Rash of any kind 
o    Any symptoms of childhood illness (i.e. measles, hand foot & mouth, chicken pox, etc.) 

Children who enter our facility exhibiting any of these symptoms (even if you feel they are no longer ill/contagious) may be asked to leave and schedule a make-up class. This makes for an uncomfortable situation for both the parent and our staff (as well as a disappointing one for your child).  Please adhere to the Illness Policy so that you are not put into an uncomfortable situation. If you are asked to leave, a make-up class will be given subject to the Make-up Policy. 

Let’s all work together to keep all families and children as healthy as possible.   Please encourage your children to wash their hands before and after playing in the gym as good hand washing is the first line of defense against the spread of many illnesses.  We very much appreciate your cooperation and thank you for your support.   

Cell Phone & Camera Policy: 
To respect all our members' privacy, we ask that you restrict video and photography capturing to a minimum, during our classes and/or Practice & Play times.  If you are capturing My Gym moments on video or in a photo, please limit the frame to just your child/family. Please ensure that your cell phone use does not disrupt the delivery of our programming, the enjoyment of other participating families or compromise their privacy. 

For the safety of the children and the enjoyment of all participants, please refrain from using your cell phone (phone calls, texting & emailing) during classes and Practice & Play times.  Your child requires your active participation while at My Gym.  If you must take an important call or respond to an urgent email or text, we ask that you please have your child accompany you to the lobby area where you can do so freely.

Sibling Policy: 
For the safety of our members, siblings are NOT allowed on the carpeted area during classes (with the exception of non-mobile infants in car seats/infant carriers). Only children enrolled in the class may participate.  Please make alternate arrangements on days when you may have siblings with you or contact us to schedule a make-up class.  We do encourage families to play together during Practice & Play. 

Guidelines for Safety and Fun: 
·   For safety reasons, during parent-participation classes and Practice & Play times, parents/guardians are solely responsible for supervising their child(ren) at all times. 
·   For safety reasons, children participating at My Gym MUST be barefoot on the carpeted gym floor.   Adults are required to wear socks.  Socks may be purchased for $2/pair. 
·   For safety reasons, toys from home are NOT permitted on the gym floor. 
·   Please arrive on time for classes so that children have an opportunity to explore the gym prior to the start of the structured activities.  
·   Participating in the My Gym programs involves some risk.  
·   My Gym is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.  

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