Meet Amanda Saltiel-Ayra, owner of My Gym Miami Lakes

Meet Amanda Saltiel-Ayra, owner of My Gym Miami Lakes

Hi... Hi... How Do You Do? I am so thrilled and excited to meet you! As the new owner of My Gym Miami Lakes, I cannot wait to get to know the community better and become a part of your family.  I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself!  Read on to find out more about me and if you see me around town don't be afraid to say hi!. 

How did I discover My Gym?

I discovered My Gym through my nephew, who was taking classes at a My Gym in Miami.  My mom was visiting at that time and had planned with my brother to take Diego to his "Waddlers" class.  My mom was fascinated by the program, and right after class, she called me saying that I needed to look up and get to know My Gym.  She said I was going to love it and that she knew it was "made for me".  

Yes, I know... this sounds a little dramatic, but it is true! Once I got to know more about My Gym, I loved the whole concept, and it fits perfectly with how I wanted to move forward with my career goals.  

A little about myself. 

I am a dancer and a dance teacher, choreographer, preschool teacher, and children's coach.  

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and both my parents are from Cuba.  I am the third of four siblings, and I currently live with my paw children, a Great Dane named Captain Hook and my cats, Pancake, Dori, and Cpt. Jack Sparrow.  

I started classical ballet around the age of four, which has been my core training.  I also trained in modern, contemporary, jazz, salsa and some training in other areas.  I became an assistant teacher around the age of 14 and not long after I was teaching my own classes.  At 18 I had the opportunity to start a dance program of my own, which later turned into a small dance school in Puerto Rico.  By this time, I had also begun college to pursue my degree in Preschool and Elementary Education.  Since then I have been teaching and helping my students achieve their goals in dance, fitness and their studies with the opportunity to keep on learning and training myself to become a better teacher every day. 

After Puerto Rico got hit by hurricane Maria on September 2017, everything changed for my family and myself, not to mention life for everyone in the ISland.  It has been a long and difficult process for everyone, but hopefully, we will come out of it stronger.  In my case my family and I suffered great losses due to the aftermath of the hurricane, one of them being my dance studio and plans for a future My Gym in Puerto Rico.  After some time of re-planning and strategizing, my family and I decided that at this time it would be better to start fresh in what has always been our second home, Miami.  With family already living in Miami Lakes, this was a natural place for us to begin.  Now that everything is in progress, we are very excited to start this new journey in Miami!

Before I finish this section, here is a little more about me: I am a very hardworking and dedicated person, and I always like to give my best in all that I do and learn as much as I can.  I am a very active person and of course, I love kids, so trust I will give 100% to making sure My Gym is a safe and fun experience for your children.  

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies include cooking and baking, exercising, playing fantasy football, going to the movies, going to the beach, rock climbing, skydiving... I am a huge fan of extreme sports and outdoor fun.  I also enjoy reading, listening to music and activities that help me relax and unwind after very actives days.  I love spending time with my family; it doesn't matter what we are doing, as long as we can all be together and have a good time.  

What are you most excited about in bringing My Gym to your city?

Miami Lakes has a lot to offer and any opportunities because it is a very family-oriented town.  Another thing that I love about this town is how familiar, in a way, it is to Puerto Rico.  What I mean by this is that there is a large Hispanic community in this area of Miami and having that warmth and friendliness of the Latin community is something I miss from my home. 

A My Gym in Miami Lakes brings the kids in the area a much-needed space to play, grow, and learn,  and allows me to get in touch with the community and keep getting to know this great town as a new resident.  After everything that has happened, this is the right place to start all over with my career and life in general and that possibility is very exciting!  Also, on a more personal level, this new opportunity has been possible thanks to all the help and support from my family, so this is our My Gym, and I am enthusiastic to venture on this journey with them.

See you soon at My Gym Miami Lakes!

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