How My Gym Works!

 Each child that takes class at My Gym is required to become a member. Your membership is good for your lifetime, good for your entire family and honored at all My Gyms worldwide should you move out of the Orange area. It entitles you to priority class enrollment and discounts to events which are open to members and non-members (i.e., members get a $50 discount on birthday parties). Our one time only membership fee is $75.

Class Tuition
 My Gym classes are run on an enrollment basis where you pay tuition for classes. To ensure that the appropriate number of trained staff is always available, we do not operate as a drop-in program.

Enrollment Flexibility and Recurring Billing
We bill every 4 weeks for your following 4 weeks of classes. You will be billed on the first day of your next 4 week cycle and you can un-enroll with a written 4 week cancellation notice . Your only commitment is you enroll for 8 weeks! We do not give refunds for partial 4 week cycles which are not used. 

 If you miss a class we encourage you to schedule a make-up. For make-ups you can attend any age appropriate class that has spots available. In order to reserve a spot in a class for a make-up you simply need to call or email us and let us know the day and time of the class you would like to attend. We ask that you schedule all make-ups at least 24 hours in advance. 

Practice & Play
 Class tuition entitles you to bring a currently enrolled child free of charge to any of the Practice & Play periods listed on the schedule. During Practice & Play children have unstructured play time while supervised by an actively participating adult. The staff will bring our their weekly skill stations, giving them an opportunity to practice what they have learned in class! Non-members can attend Practice & Play for $10/per child

Are Siblings allowed on the gym floor?
 We do understand that often times older or younger siblings may have off from school and need to come along to My Gym for the day. We do not allow siblings on the gym floor. You are more than welcome to bring some toys or games for siblings to play in the lobby during class. We do provide coloring for any siblings. We appreciate all of our members understanding of this matter to insure all of our classes are safe and fun for all.

Sick Policy
 We follow a "take no chances" policy when it comes to preventing the spread of illness in the gym. Children or adults exhibiting any signs or symptoms of illness including but not limited to fever, coughing, sore throats, runny noses, or rashes of any kind are asked to stay home. We ask for your understanding when we find it is necessary to enforce our policy of not permitting sick children or adults in the gym. Our make up policy will be the most flexible in our industry in order to assist you when you or your child can not attend your scheduled class.

Gym cleaning procedures
 Our gym's daily cleaning procedures are extensive, thorough and strictly followed at all times. All equipment, toys, surfaces (counters, floors, bathrooms, mats etc), are disinfected before and after every shift of classes and parties. Our ball pit is cleaning 1-2 a month and even more often in the winter months. We provide our "yucky bucky" up out of reach to place toys mouthed by children which will be sanitized before returning to the gym floor.

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