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Classes From first steps to handstands, My Gym grows with your little ones. Explore Our Classes

Practice & Play   1m - 10y
Tue  4:00p Fri  12:00p
Practice & Play
Tue 4:00p Fri 12:00p
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Tiny Tykes   4 - 13m
Wed  12:10p
Tiny Tykes
Wed 12:10p
Tiny Tykes and Waddlers   4 - 22m
Mon  11:15a Mon  4:30p Tue  11:30a Wed  11:10a Thu  12:10p Sat  9:30a Sun  8:30a
Tiny Tykes and Waddlers
Mon 11:15a Mon 4:30p Tue 11:30a Wed 11:10a Thu 12:10p Sat 9:30a Sun 8:30a
Mixers (Combo Age)   12m - 4y
Thu  10:10a Thu  4:00p Sat  8:30a
Mixers (Combo Age)
Thu 10:10a Thu 4:00p Sat 8:30a
Waddlers and Gymsters   14m - 2y6m
Mon  9:15a Tue  10:30a
Waddlers and Gymsters
Mon 9:15a Tue 10:30a
Gymsters   23m - 2y6m
Wed  9:10a
Wed 9:10a
Gymsters and Terrific Tots   23m - 3y3m
Tue  9:30a Thu  11:10a Sat  11:40a Sun  9:30a
Gymsters and Terrific Tots
Tue 9:30a Thu 11:10a Sat 11:40a Sun 9:30a
Preschool Prep   2y - 4y
Fri  9:30a
Preschool Prep
Fri 9:30a *
* class full or not eligible for online booking
Terrific Tots   2y6m - 3y3m
Mon  10:15a Wed  10:10a
Terrific Tots
Mon 10:15a Wed 10:10a
Mighty Mites and Whiz Kids   3y4m - 6y
Mon  5:30p Tue  1:15p Thu  9:00a Thu  5:00p Sat  10:30a Sun  10:30a
Mighty Mites and Whiz Kids
Mon 5:30p Tue 1:15p Thu 9:00a Thu 5:00p Sat 10:30a Sun 10:30a
Ninja Training   4y - 9y1m
Fri  4:00p
Ninja Training
Fri 4:00p
Whiz Kids and Champions   4y6m - 8y
Tue  5:00p Sun  11:40a
Whiz Kids and Champions
Tue 5:00p Sun 11:40a
 Indicates class day / time is full or not eligible
 Indicates future class starting days / times


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