Top 10 Spring Must-Reads for Kids

As the days grow longer and the first blooms of spring begin to appear, there’s no better time to nurture a love for reading in your little ones. Reading from a young age not only sparks imagination and curiosity but also strengthens language skills and emotional understanding.

This spring, let’s dive into a world of colorful stories that celebrate the season!

Don't Touch That Flower! by Alice Hemming
Delight in this fun and educational story about a curious bee named Buzz and his journey to learn about the different plants and flowers of spring. It teaches children about the importance of respecting nature.
The Good Egg by Jory John and Pete Oswald
Follow the journey of a perfectly polished egg learning the important lesson that being a little cracked sometimes is perfectly okay in this heartwarming and humorous story.
Little Blue Truck's Springtime by Alice Schertle
Hop aboard with Little Blue Truck as he greets baby animals and watches flowers bloom in this interactive, lift-the-flap journey through the joys of spring.
“Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms” by Julia Rawlinson
Watch Fletcher the fox's charming confusion as he mistakes falling blossoms for snow in this beautifully-illustrated tale of discovery and the wonders of spring.
“Spring Is Here by Will Hillenbrand
Witness the friendship between Mole and Bear as Mole tries to wake Bear from his winter nap to show him that spring has arrived. It's a sweet story about friendship and new beginnings.
Little Raindrop by Igloo Books
Follow the journey of a little raindrop through the water cycle from a rainy spring sky to the depths of the ocean and back again. This book introduces young readers to nature's wonders and the importance of water.
“How to Catch a Garden Fairy” by Alice Walstead and Andy Elkerton
Dive into a magical world with this enchanting story that invites children to explore their gardens in search of elusive fairies. It's a whimsical tale that encourages outdoor play and sparks imagination.
“Bunny's Book Club” by Annie Silvestro and Tatjana Mai-Wyss
Sneak into the library with Bunny and his friends as they discover the joy of books and reading in this adorable tale that celebrates curiosity and friendship.
“Lola Plants a Garden” by Anna McQuinn 
Join Lola as she plants her very own garden in this inspiring story that shows young readers the joys of gardening and the blooming rewards of patience and hard work.
“The Tale of Peter Rabbit” by Beatrix Potter
Experience the mischievous adventures of Peter Rabbit as he sneaks into Mr. McGregor's garden in this timeless story that captures the thrill of exploration and the consequences of curiosity.



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