New Normal, New Policies

New Normal, New Policies


We are excited that we can open our gym back up for the in-gym programs and classes your children know and love! 

However, please take note of our new policies and precautions which we have put in place to keep you and your family healthy: 

  • Before attending any program: Please pre-screen yourself and child/children at home. Take your temperature and be sure you are symptom free of any illness.
  • Attending: On the day of your in-gym class or program please show up no earlier then 3-5 minutes ahead of the start time and wait outside until the GREEN GO sign has been posted on the door. We ask that you pick one area or bench for your stuff and try to minimize your time in the lobby area. (Please limit the items that you bring into the gym.) We will take your temperature and administer a short Covid-19 questionnaire, before we'll ask you to wash your hands or apply hand sanitizer prior to joining the class. Parents whose children are participating in non-parent participating classes are asked to drop their child off and return at the end of class. At this time we are not able to allow time after classes to eat a snack or hang out with friends. We need this time to fully wipe down the lobby before the next class starts. 
  • Social Spacing: We are accepting a maximum of 18 children in a class. At this time only one parent can participate in parent-participating classes. During class X's will be place around the red circle for the kids to sit or stand on during Circle Time. Additionally, you may notice us cleaning during your time in the gym (but never in your or your child’s personal space). We encourage you to allow your child to play freely but gently guide them to open areas of the gym. The ball pit will remain closed for the foreseeable future. 
  • Masks: All adults must wear masks, and we encourage children ages 2 years or older to also wear masks. My Gym teachers will be wearing masks at all times while in the gym as well as pre-screening themselves before all shifts.
  • Providing a clean space: We will extensively sanitize the gym and lobby before each class. Also, for the time being, the water fountain will be closed, so please bring a water bottle. Our little library and toys have also been removed from the lobby to encourage a fast entrance and exit in the gym.
  • Signs of Illness: Caregivers or children showing signs of any illness will be asked to come back when they are 100% symptom free.
  • Class registration: Any child entering the gym must be registered in advance. Classes can be scheduled in advance through your online account or by emailing us at

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