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Sun 9:05AM
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Waddlers Waddlers 4mos - 18mos more...
Class Schedule Mon - 9:05AM Wed - 2:30PM Sat - 9:05AM Sun - 9:05AM
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4mos - 18mos

We LOVE our Waddlers! ♥♥♥ This program is so much fun for both parent and child as we work on beginning stretches and exercises, songs and dances, and balance and agility skills. Your little ones will have a blast discovering their natural abilities while our curriculum enhances their physical and cognitive growth.

Throughout this program, we gently introduce new and stimulating activities to promote your babies’ natural development. You’ll see your infants become stronger with increased hand, arm, and trunk control, which leads to some of their biggest milestones, like crawling and, eventually, walking. 🥰🥰🥰 We take great care to nurture each parent/child unit according to their specific needs.

Tue 1:30PM
Tue 5:50PM
Mon 11:05AM
Mon 5:00PM

Practice & Play

Practice & Play Practice & Play All Ages more...
Class Schedule Mon - 11:05AM Mon - 5:00PM Tue - 1:30PM Tue - 5:50PM
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Practice & Play

Practice & Play

All Ages

Practice & Play is a time reserved for kids of all ages to enjoy the gym in an open-play concept. It is included with membership, and serves as a complement to your child's weekly age-appropriate class. At every Practice and Play, a skilled My Gym teacher helps the children practice the skills we're working on in their class week-to-week. As they perfect their skills, they'll also be having tons of fun getting to explore the gym at their own pace. Parental supervision on the gym floor is required – regardless of your child's age – so come prepared to play!

Wed 3:30PM
Tue 3:30PM

Sibling Class

Sibling Class Sibling Class 6mos - 5yrs more...
Class Schedule Tue - 3:30PM Wed - 3:30PM
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Sibling Class

6mos - 5yrs

My Gym's Sibling Class is designed for all children between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years old. A perfect solution for parents of multiple children, our class curriculum is designed to both nurture and challenge each age group in distinct ways. Children in this class have fun as they participate in songs, dances, relays, games, and more with their built-in best friend… Their sibling! Don't have a sibling? No problem! If you're looking for a class where mixed-age friends can participate together, then this is the class for you.

Sun 11:05AM
Sat 10:05AM
Fri 10:05AM
Thu 10:05AM
Thu 11:05AM
Tue 9:05AM
Tue 11:05AM
Tue 2:30PM


Gymsters Gymsters 18mos - 2½yrs more...
Class Schedule Tue - 9:05AM Tue - 11:05AM Tue - 2:30PM Thu - 10:05AM Thu - 11:05AM Fri - 10:05AM Sat - 10:05AM Sun - 11:05AM
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18mos - 2½yrs

Such an amazing age! 🥰🥰🥰 Your child will sing, dance, swing, play games, watch puppet shows, and even have “Surprise Time!” Our Gymsters feel great about themselves as they learn basic tumbling in a fun and positive setting.

At this age, toddlers’ abilities are evolving on a weekly basis, and our curriculum keeps these active little ones engaged and captivated! Running, jumping, and spatial awareness are milestones in this program. Of course, opportunities abound to teach lessons on peer play and taking turns. Above all else, we make sure your child’s self-esteem will soar at My Gym! 🎉🎉

Wed 9:00AM

Preschool Prep

Preschool Prep Preschool Prep 2yrs - 5yrs more...
Class Schedule Wed - 9:00AM
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Preschool Prep

2yrs - 5yrs

As experts in early child development, we understand the impact preschool or pre-kindergarten education has on children’s emotional, social, and cognitive development. In our commitment to educate the whole child, we now offer the “My Gym Preschool Prep Program. The Program focuses on imparting to children the skills needed to excel in preschool and beyond. This program focuses on making learning fun and exciting in the familiar and nurturing atmosphere of My Gym.

*must be potty-independent.

Sun 10:05AM
Sat 11:05AM
Fri 9:05AM
Thu 9:05AM
Wed 5:50PM
Tue 10:05AM
Mon 10:05AM

Terrific Tots

Terrific Tots Terrific Tots 2½yrs - 3½yrs more...
Class Schedule Mon - 10:05AM Tue - 10:05AM Wed - 5:50PM Thu - 9:05AM Fri - 9:05AM Sat - 11:05AM Sun - 10:05AM
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Terrific Tots

2½yrs - 3½yrs

Terrific Tots are TERRIFIC!!! 😊😊😊 In addition to having a blast with structured activities and games, your child will gain skills needed as involvement in team sports gets closer. Our curriculum will improve your child’s fine and gross motor proficiency while increasing strength and agility.

Our caring teachers will build up your little one’s confidence and self-esteem with gentle encouragement to complete activities a bit more independently. This helps our Tots develop social skills, learn to follow directions, and cooperate in a group of their peers. ♥♥♥

Sat 12:05PM
Wed 1:20PM
Mon 2:40PM

Mighty Mites

Mighty Mites Mighty Mites 3½yrs - 5½yrs more...
Class Schedule Mon - 2:40PM Wed - 1:20PM Sat - 12:05PM
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Mighty Mites

3½yrs - 5½yrs

Mighty Mites are transitioning from toddlers to big kids! 🥰🥰🥰 The children participate independently with their teachers on the gym floor while parents can watch from the lobby or drop off their children. This is a huge milestone we don’t take lightly, as confidence and self-reliance are cornerstones of this curriculum!

In this program, you’ll see your child’s strength, flexibility, and agility increase as our teachers coach the kids through relays, basic gymnastics, and sports skills. Positive reinforcement abounds – and we promise your child will leave class with feelings of pride, accomplishment, and success!  🤸🎉🤸♥

Thu 1:00PM

STEAM Learn and Play

STEAM Learn and Play STEAM Learn and Play 4yrs - 10yrs more...
Class Schedule Thu - 1:00PM
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STEAM Learn and Play

4yrs - 10yrs

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math – and this program marries the best of My Gym’s games, relays, and physical fun with STEAM project-based learning! No two classes are the same, as themes change weekly. Kids will love exploring outer space/superheroes, under the sea, Jurassic times, all things Frozen, and more! Created especially for children ages 4 through 10, this drop-off program is appropriate for any family looking to supplement their child’s education in a fun, engaging, and experiential learning environment.

Sun 12:05PM
Wed 4:40PM
Tue 4:40PM

Ninja Training

Ninja Training Ninja Training 5yrs - 10yr more...
Class Schedule Tue - 4:40PM Wed - 4:40PM Sun - 12:05PM
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Ninja Training

5yrs - 10yr

My Gym Ninja Training classes are designed to be fun and challenging while remaining safe and noncompetitive. Kids are challenged mentally and physically, while developing a mindset of overcoming adversity, both inside and outside of the gym!

You'll see your child’s strength, stamina, and agility grow through relays, conditioning exercises, and, of course, obstacle courses that change every week. High energy games and team-building activities teach cooperation, patience and problem solving.  Most importantly, our curriculum is designed to ensure all children succeed!

Mon 3:50PM


Gymnastics Gymnastics 4½yrs - 10yrs more...
Class Schedule Mon - 3:50PM
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4½yrs - 10yrs

This fun and focused class is great for both beginning and experienced gymnasts! Children begin to work on learning and perfecting skills in leveled groups on the Bars, Vault, Beam, and in Tumbling. The emphasis is on having fun and learning foundational gymnastics skills, strength, & flexibility – not competition. Classes are taught in the same positive, encouraging environment that children are accustomed to in every My Gym Program.


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