FAQs for My Gym Classes

FAQs for My Gym Classes



Frequently Asked Questions
Gym Programs

1. Does the gym class run by season or yearly around? 


Our gym classes run all year around, and are separated by age groups, so when your child ages out from the class, we move them to the next level. Our class levels are based on child’s physical and social development and age as reference.



2. Do I need to be in the class with my child?


If you child is younger than 3.5 years old, most likely he or she will be placed in our parent participation programs: Tiny Tykes, Waddlers, Gysmters and Terrific Tots. One parent is needed in the class helping your little one engage in class activities, follow the class structure and enjoy the fun moments!  Once they are ready to move up to an independent class where more physical training will be the main ingredient, parents can drop off children at our gym and pick them up a

after the class.



3. How much is the tuition?

We have 3 different payment plans you can choose from. We have monthly plans ($109 for unlimited gym classes, programs vary) for every 4 weeks, and we also offer 6-month packages and 1-year packages with discounted prices available at our center.



4. What if I miss a class?


It’s time to introduce our Unlimited Booking bonus! You will be enrolled in a home class, and that’s when you attend your weekly class on a regular basis. However, you can also attend more classes of your child’s age range as long as there’s a spot in the class. This means, if you missed your home class, you can check other classes’ availability and book the class online from our website log-in portal. You can book 2 unlimited classes at a time, you can book a third class after you attend the first unlimited class. All classes require pre-booking as there’s a class capacity limit.


5. What if I need to pause my class for a while?

If you need to stop your class temporarily, you can freeze your account for up to 2 months at one time. You can submit your freezing request and process the freezing on our website, 2-weeks notice is required to freeze future classes.



6. How to stop my class?
You can log into your own account on our website and submit your cancellation request to stop your future enrollment. You will select the last day you would like to attend your classes and your payment will be adjusted if needed based on the day you selected to attend your last class.



7. What if I can’t commit to coming every week?

If you are unable to commit to coming every week, you have the option of purchasing class cards. Class cards are more flexible as you have 1 year to use them and can schedule a class for whenever you are available. You can purchase either a set of 5 class cards for $150 or a set of 10 for $290. Please note that this option is only valid for our gym classes, it is not applicable to the programs and are also not applicable to join the Practice and Play sessions. 


8. What is Practice and Play on your schedule?

If you are enrolled in any of our classes or programs, you can choose to attend one Practice and Play per week as the enrollment bonus. You can come to whichever time works thebest for you. It is not a structured class, it’s a free play where you get a chance to use the facilities, socialize and interact with other families around the gym. Our Practice and Play is always in high demand, pre-booking is required, and spots are not guaranteed. However, if you are able to book one, that’s great value  of joining the session for free! 



For more questions, please feel free to email us at: mygymrichmond@gmail.com.




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