Enrollment and Make up Policies

 Un-Enrollment Form OR Please Email


Tuition is billed automatically every 4 consecutive weeks for one structured class each week.  Also, we offer Practice and Play sessions for currently enrolled members if they choose to attend.  Practice and Plays cannot be made up or substituted for classes.

If you miss a payment, once payment is received, it will go towards the previous week(s) of your current billing cycle, and your next payment will be due 4 weeks from the original payment date.

In order to cancel classes, My Gym must be notified at least one day before your next billing date.  To cancel you must either fill out a Cancellation Request Form with one of the teachers, or send an email to: sancarlos@mygym.com.

There are no refunds for cancellation requests submitted after your next billing date.


Whenever your child is absent from a class they will get a make-up class added to their account.  Make-ups must be done in a class the same age group as their current class, but held on different day (Example: An absence from a Monday Gymsters class can be made up in the Wednesday Gymsters class).

If you are not being automatically billed for classes every 4 weeks, you must use all your make-ups before the last class of your current 4 week session.

If you cancel classes, all make-ups must be used before the date of your last class.  Any unused make-ups will be lost after the date of your last class.  Also, makeups are a courtesy and have no monetary value.

*Billing dates cannot be adjusted to accomodate Make-Up classes since Make-Ups cannot be used in place of enrollment in your regularly scheduled class.*

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