Enrollment Policies

Enrollment Policies

The Membership Agreement that you completed when you enrolled details the terms of your enrollment. For your convenience, we provide the terms related to our recurring enrollment below along with additional information.  

TERMS: Members agree to remain enrolled for a minimum of two consecutive recurring payments. Tuition is ongoing and recurring unless coordinated (in writing) otherwise.

ATTENDANCE AND MAKE-UPS: Regular tuition is based on four (4) weeks of class programming. This includes one (1) structured scheduled class each week (unless Unlimited Classes are running) plus unlimited Practice & Plays. If you know you are missing your scheduled class in advance, please notify us so that we can offer the spot for another family. Enrolled members are eligible to make-up missed gym classes. Make ups expire 6 weeks after the date of the missed class and are only valid while enrolled. Each make-up must be scheduled 24 hours in advance. Please schedule online or email your request to santarosa@mygym.com. If we cannot accommodate your makeup, we will contact you. We reserve the right to close classes when full. 

** Children enrolled in Independent Classes (potty trained children 3yrs and older) are eligible to do one drop off event in lieu of two missed classes once per calendar quarter. This is only with advance request and approval and not available during months when Unlimited Classes are running.

PRESCHOOL PREP FAMILIES: Please visit here for information on make-ups for Preschool Prep classes.

SICK POLICY: We have a 'take no chances" policy regarding illness.  Because of our flexible make up policy, there is NO need to pass sick germs around.  If a family member is sick or getting sick, please stay home.  A staff member may ask you to reschedule class if you or your child are coughing, sniffling, etc., but please know we're trying to do what's best for the children.

SOCKS: Adults are required to wear socks in the gym.  If you forget yours, we sell them for $2 per pair. The children go barefoot so they can climb and run safely.

 Families enrolled in our programs via automatic billing are able to cancel at anytime. Cancellation requests need to be emailed to santarosa@mygym.com (include your child's full name and the class they are enrolled in). We do not accept verbal cancellation requests as all account changes must be made in writing either in the gym or to email. (please no texts). You are responsible for one additional tuition payment unless your cancellation request is made 15 days or more before your next scheduled payment. You will receive an email confirmation with your expiration date when your cancel request has been processed. If you do not receive an email confirmation from us within 2 days, please contact us immediately to confirm that your cancellation request was received. Makeups must be completed before your expiration date.

NO REFUNDS: Any and all fees paid to My Gym are non-refundable. We will not adjust monthly tuition payments for missed classes. Tuition secures our teachers!  Please refer to above cancellation instructions if you would like to end your enrollment.  

UNLIMITED CLASSES: Twice a year, during summer and during the winter holiday season, we run our Member Appreciation Special of Unlimited Classes! During these dates, we will offer unlimited classes for children enrolled in our 50-60 minute classes. That's right; your child can attend multiple gym classes and Practice & Play times each week at your regular tuition rate! All you need to do is schedule your additional classes at least 24 hours in advance through our website.

Information about Unlimited Classes:

  • Space in classes is limited. Additional classes must be scheduled online at least 24 hours in advance and are based on availability. 
  • My Gym reserves the right to close full classes. Please schedule these additional classes, we wouldn't want to turn you away at the door because a class is full. Our website has instructions on how to access your online account. 
  • Make-ups will not be accrued during this time. Any existing make-up classes on your account will be used before your classes become unlimited. 
  • You may only book one unlimited class at a time. Once you attend that class, you are able to book another. 
  • Unlimited classes must be scheduled for the same class type. For instance, a child enrolled in Mighty Mites has access to do any of the Mighty Mites or Mites/Whiz classes. An exception to this is that we will allow our dance students to attend unlimited gym classes as dance is only offered one day a week.  However, children enrolled in gym classes cannot do unlimited classes in dance.
  • Children enrolled in Preschool Prep are not eligible for Unlimited Classes but do have access to drop off events in lieu of preschool days missed or canceled. 

My Gym Santa Rosa is a locally owned family business. We appreciate your cooperation with our policies. Thank you.

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