How My Gym Works

How My Gym Works

2 for $20 Deal for New Members
My Gym Sherwood offers a a deal for new members to try out our awesome classes at a price of 2 weeks for only $20. If at the end of your 2 weeks you're not completely satisfied then there is no obligation to continue, just let us know via text, call, or email. If you had a great time and want to continue classes you will automatically be enrolled!

Class tuition is based on a four-week recurring cycle. Each tuition payment entitles members to one structured class per week and the opportunity to come to one Practice & Play. A minimum of two recurring payments is required upon enrolling. Afterwards, if you need to cancel that can be done through your online account or let us know via text, call, or email and a cancelation can be submitted. Once a cancellation agreement is signed you'll have on final payment for your last 4 weeks of classes. 

Practice & Play
As an added benefit to being enrolled in classes, members have the opportunity to attend one Practice & Play per week. Here, children are able to play on the equipment and around the gym in an unstructured, parent supervised environment. A staff member will be on the floor encouraging the children to practice some of the skills being worked on in class that week, but adult supervision is required. Pre-registration is required for all Practice & Plays and can be done from your online account.

Make-ups are a customer-friendly solution for when a scheduled class cannot be attended. Whether your little one is under the weather or you are out of town, a make-up can be scheduled. Simply contact the gym or use the online tool to schedule the make-up prior to the absence.  

We understand that it is not always possible to attend My Gym with only the child who is enrolled. Unfortunately, for safety reasons, we are not able to allow siblings in the play space during classes; however, we will work with you to find a solution. Infants can be worn in a Bjorn style holder or left in infant carriers. Older children can sit at the counter with coloring books, electronic devices, etc. where you will have a constant eye on them.

To learn more about My Gym, please contact us today. 

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