Why My Gym Gripper Socks?

Why My Gym Gripper Socks?


We’re so excited to formally announce My Gym Operations recently completed their testing with My Gym Gripper Socks in 10 gyms nationwide with astoundingly positive results! The test gyms required all students to wear My Gym Gripper Socks while participating in all My Gym programs on the gym floor. And now WE are so excited to be launching our new Gripper socks in our gym!  For safety and cleanliness purposes, as of summer 2024, My Gym will require all children on the floor to wear the My Gym Gripper Socks during classes, parties, and events! Each currently enrolled member will be given one pair of My Gym Gripper Socks, courtesy of My Gym.  Additional pairs can be purchased for just $3.50 here in the gym or online. Please see the scannable QR code in the lobby for additional pairs or let a staff member know you’d like to purchase.  Parents, you’re not required to wear My Gym Gripper Socks, but will be needed regular socks on the floor.



A. Why does my child need to wear My Gym Branded Gripper Socks?  
-There are numerous benefits to wearing socks.  Children are less likely to slip and become injured; they gain efficiency in performing activities, and they are better protected from germs and disease.  Our high-quality My Gym Gripper Socks keep students feeling warmer, and the kids will love the great design and bright colors.  

B. Why does a non-walking baby need to wear gripper socks?
-Socks provide an extra layer of health, hygiene, and gym cleanliness.
-Socks help stabilize them during tummy time or when they’re learning to sit up, preventing slips on our equipment or mats.
-Socks help them become accustomed to our gym’s norms, making the transition smoother as they grow and start walking.

C. What if I forget our My Gym Gripper Socks?  
-A new pair can be purchased anytime in the gym if you forget yours. 

D. Can I bring gripper socks from other places or regular gripper socks for my child to wear? 
-Since it is difficult to determine the safety of untested brands, we do not permit children to participate wearing any other gripper socks. 

E. Why should children wear socks for Preschool Gymnastics?
-This program is a mix of gym, gymnastics, sports, and general fitness activities.  It is not solely a gymnastics program. My Gym surfaces differ from those in other facilities. Socks protect the child’s hygiene and the cleanliness of our facility.

F. Why are socks optional for Beginner Gymnastics?
-While we believe that socks can be worn by the children in these programs for overall hygiene and cleanliness, we recognize that gymnastics is an activity performed exclusively in bare feet.  To be able to present our program as a true gymnastic program, we felt it necessary to make socks optional for these full-fledged gymnastics programs. 

G.What about for my child's upcoming birthday party?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    -You have the option to purchase socks for all child guests OR have the party guest purchase their own. By letting us know we can send a party invite URL that will include an order form for each guest to purchase their own socks. These are the two option because we know many children will be returning participants that may likely already have My Gym Gripper socks from other parties/classes/events. So it is possible there is no need purchase new ones. 


We appreciate everyones cooperation and patience as we transition over to this new mandate sock policy. Please contact us if you have any questions! 




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