How does 2 for $29 work?

How does 2 for $29 work?

How does 2 for $29 work?

The best way to experience all of this is to schedule your 2 for $29 Guest Experience. For just $29, you and your child will get to enjoy UNLIMITED CLASSES and UNLIMITED PRACTICE AND PLAYS for two weeks!  We have an auto-enroll feature, which makes things super easy. You guys can enjoy UNLIMITED CLASSES and UNLIMITED PRACTICE AND PLAY (open gym) and then you'll become an active My Gym member the day after your trial ends. Our membership is ongoing and free of long-term contracts. We strive to make everything super “hassle free.” If, during these first two weeks, you feel we're not a perfect fit for you and your little one, just let us know, and we'll take your family off of our membership list! But our goal, of course, is that you love your classes with us and decide to stay as a member.

*Promotion only valid for new enrollment or have not been enrolled for last 6 months. If you still have credits from previous registrations due to COVID closure and is ready to come back, please give us a call, we will help you to get everything set up again!


What to bring for my first class?

For your first class, please bring a water bottle and socks for yourself (the kids go barefoot) and arrive at least 5 minutes early so we can get you settled in and introduce you to our teachers.


Class Tuition

We use a convenient auto-billing feature like a Disney+ subscription. We auto-bill every 4 weeks and there are no contracts – cancel anytime and enjoy the remainder of your classes.

Unlimited Gym class and open gyms: (6 levels. Age 5 months – 10 years old) enrollments run on a 4-week recurring payment of $119 + GST

3-hour drop off programs:

Preschool Prep (2.25- 4 years old) is $180/ every 4 weeks 

STEAM (4 - 10 years old)  1 day per week $180+ GST

                                            2 days per week $320+ GST

To ensure that the appropriate number of trained staff are available, we do not operate as a drop-in program. 

Sibling Discount: 10% off each additional child enrolled

Twins Discount: 50%

Are Siblings allowed on the gym floor?

We understand that at times younger or older siblings may have time off from school and need to come to the gym during class. We do not allow siblings on the gym floor. The only exception to this rule is a younger sibling in an infant carrier (Example: Backpack, front carrier, or Baby Bjorn).  This child must stay in the infant carrier for the entirety of the class. We have a sibling play area! Siblings can go upstairs to our sibling play area while they wait. We have toys and books. You will also be able to see each other from the gym. We appreciate all our members' understanding of this as a matter to ensure that all our classes which are private are safe and fun for all.  

Class Size

We started our classes with low numbers, well below capacity. With the ease of the current COVID restriction, we are increasing the size until we find a comfortable maximum. Currently, all maximum size for parented gym classes are 12 families. Independent classes are 12 children with 2 teachers.

Enrollment Flexibility and Recurring Billing

We bill every 4 weeks for your following 4 weeks of classes. The minimum enrolment period is 4 weeks. You will be billed on the first day of your next 4-week cycle and you can cancel at any time with a cancellation notice (online, email or text). We do not give refunds for partial 4-week cycles which are not used.


During UNLIMITED CLASSES promotion, make-ups are not offered. You get full access to ALL age-appropriate gym classes. Please reserve your spot at least 4 hours in advence.

Practice & Play

Class tuitions allow you to bring a currently enrolled child free of charge to all Practice & Play classes listed on the schedule (NOT eligible for Make-ups). Due to current restrictions, please contact us to reserve your practice and play spot at least 4 hours in advance. 

During Practice & Play, children have unstructured playtime, as well as skill stations and adventures set up by their teachers. Due to safety issues, we require parent/guardian supervision at ALL times.

Sick Policy

We kindly ask you to keep your children home if they show ANY signs of illness. To maintain a healthy and safe environment for all our members, any children with signs of illness will be sent home. The make-up policy applies.



Please don't hesitate to contact us for any questions! text: 587-333-6223 or email:

Hope we get to see you in the gym soon!


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