New Health and Safety Protocols

New Health and Safety Protocols


  • Masks: All adults and instructors are required to wear masks. Based on guidance from the county Health Department, children over the age of 4 are required to wear masks.
  • Self Screening: Anyone who enters the gym (instructors, caregivers and children) must be screened and show no signs of illness, not have a temperature above 100.4, and have no known exposure to anyone with a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19.
  • On the Day of Your Program: 
    • To enter, wait until the GREEN GO SIGN has been posted on the door.  If a RED STOP SIGN is on the door, wait in your car or spaced outside the gym because we are busy cleaning the gym and giving the previous group time to exit. We will invite you in one at a time to keep the lobby from becoming too crowded.
    • Upon entering, your temperature will be taken with a touchless thermometer. All entrants must be below 100.4 to enter. 
    • Next, we ask you to wash your hands.  We will have sanitizer available or you can use soap and water in the bathroom.
    • Lastly, we invite on the gym floor to join the fun!
  • Waiting in the Lobby:
    • No adults can wait in the lobby during a parent and child class. If you are bringing an older child to wait in the lobby during your class time, you will need to contact us to reserve a spot for them. This is to ensure we maintain proper occupancy levels in accordance with social distancing guidelines.
    • One adult per child may stay and watch during independent classes, but please be responsible for social distancing at all times while in the lobby. 
  • Social Spacing: 
    • Please attend class with only one adult per child
    • We have reduced the number of attendees in our programs (10 children with one adult per child) to comply with health department standards and classes have been slightly modified to maintain distancing.  For the Karate program we are limiting the number of attendees to 12 children on the floor and no more and one adult per child  with a maximum of 10 parents in the lobby at a time. 
    • Markers have been place around the red circle to help with spacing during Circle Time/Warm-up portions of class.  
    • We encourage you to allow your child to play freely but gently guide them toward open unused areas of the gym in order to maintain distancing.  We know this can be won't be perfect.  Just do your best; we are here to help.
    • We will temporarily be suspending hand stamps at the end of class.
  • Air Quality
    • We have installed highly rated MERV-13 filters in our air conditioning system which are designed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19
  • Cleaning:
    • We've stepped up our already stringent cleaning procedures with intensive cleaning at the end of the day, throughout class as needed and in between classes.  We now have 20 minutes between classes to allow for time to clean all mats and touchpoints prior to the next class.
    • The ball pit will be closed and sharable toys have been removed from the gym floor.  Additionally, our setups will be designed to allow for the most fun and create maximum spacing.  
    • You'll notice that we will be cleaning throughout class while giving you and your child personal space.  Cleaning supplies will be available for you to use as well whenever needed.
    • During independent classes (no parent) and camp we will clean and disinfect bathrooms in between each use.
  • Makeups/Unlimited Classes/Practice & Plays:
    • In order for us to maintain the appropriate class and program sizes, you must schedule (online, phone or email) all attendance prior to coming to the gym including Practice & Plays, Unlimited Classes and Camps  -- the only class you can attend without scheduling is your home class which will always be reserved for you. Additionally we will no longer have Sign Up Sheets at the front desk for the Unlimited Classes; please schedule these remotely. If you cannot attend your class, kindly let us know so we may let someone else come in your place. 


    Can't wait to see you at the big red circle!

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