We're Open & Here's How it Works!

We're Open & Here's How it Works!



Thank you for adhering to all policies while we work through this unprecedented time. We will adjust as the Health Department and CDC allow.  At this moment, here are the current policies if attending the gym in person to keep you and your family healthy. 

  • Before Coming to My Gym: Please pre-screen yourself and child/ren at home. Take your temperatures and be sure everyone is free of any signs of illness. If anyone in the house isn't feeling well please stay home and contact the gym to let us know of your absence.
  • On the Day of Your Program: 
    • Please arrive no earlier than 3-5 minutes before your program and wait until the GREEN GO SIGN has been posted on the door. If the RED STOP SIGN is up, we aren't ready yet or another class is in session, come back when you see green!
    • If a sibling must come to class we ask that - older siblings: sit in the lobby with a mask for the duration of class and younger siblings: must be in a car seat or strapped into a carrier for the duration of class.
    • Next, please use hand sanitizer provided in the lobby.
    • Lastly, set your belongings down in the lobby and come on in! 
  • Drop off Programs/Waiting in the Lobby:
    • Kids in independent programs may be dropped off.
    • You are also welcome to stay and watch, but masks are required for adults at all times while inside the facility. 
  • Social Spacing: We encourage you to allow your child to play freely but gently guide them toward open unused areas of the gym if needed and to give others personal space during circle time and other structured activities.
  • Cleaning:
    • The facility is cleaned top to bottom at the beginning and end of each day, and frequently used areas as needed throughout the day.
    • Equipment used during class is cleaned between each use so each time you use an item during class you are the 1st one to use it since it's been cleaned!
    • Our setups are be designed to allow for the most fun with maximum spacing. 
  • Masks: 
    • My Gym Staff: Will be wearing masks at all times.
    • Adults: Masks are required for adults.
    • Children: Children are not required to wear masks, but are more than welcome to if you'd like. 
  • Signs of Illness: Caregivers or children showing signs of any illness in general will be ask to come back when they are 100% symptom free.
  • Drop-ins: 
    • You may attend 1 drop-in class per week while enrolled. 
    • Your drop-in class may be a Practice & Play (free play) or a structured age appropriate class.
    • Registration in advance is a MUST. Learn more here.
  • Makeups
    • All make ups MUST be scheduled in advance, no exceptions. Preschool Prep may not be used as a make up or drop-in class, you must be registered in the class weekly to attend.

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