Birthday Parties: Frequently Asked Questions

Birthday Parties: Frequently Asked Questions


Here at My Gym we LOVE hosting birthday parties. Our #1 goal is to provide each family with a fun and easy experience to celebrate another trip around the sun.

Attached at the top of this article is a PDF copy of our birthday party packages and pricing information for you.


Here are some helpful frequently asked questions for you to review.


How do parties at My Gym work?

When you party with us you have the entire facility all to yourself for 1.5 hours, plus 2 awesome My Gym party specialists to help make all of your party dreams come true. Our party specialists will do all of the set up, clean up and entertainment for you while you're here so that you can relax and enjoy your party.

Typically our parties are 1.5 hours long with the option to extend your party to 2 hours if you are the last party slot of the day (Saturdays from 3:00-4:30 or Sundays from 2:30-4:00) for an additional charge of $75. The extra half hour can only be added-on at the time of your party booking and if you have booked the last slot of the day, no exceptions.

What about decorations? Can I bring my own? How early can I come in to set-up?

All of our packages include multi-colored My Gym balloon sticks (on display for all parties each weekend), tablecloths, plates, napkins and plastic cutlery for you. We do not provide cups. We also have a cake cutting knife, candles and lighters for use as well so no need to bring those items. You are welcome to bring in any additional decorations that you would like and our staff will set everything up for you. We do subscribe to the philosophy less is more when it comes to decorations as we'll be spending most of our time playing and having fun on the gym floor!

Because of issues with tape and other hangings peeling the paint in our party room, we no longer allow decorations that need to be hung on the wall so please be mindful of that when planning. We also do not have a helium tank so if you'd like helium balloons you will need to bring them already blown up.

We ask that you arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your party start time as our staff will be busy transitioning from morning classes to parties or cleaning up from the party that ended just before your's and setting up for your arrival. You are welcome to drop off any decorations/food that you have in advance (earlier in the week or that morning even) if you'd like so that staff can have more set up prior to your arrival. Either way, this is what we do every weekend so we're used to setting things ups quickly- whatever you've got, our staff will do their best to quickly and efficiently display it all for you!

I've never been to My Gym before, what is your facility like? 

Our facility includes the main gym floor space that includes 1 unisex bathroom and a front lobby with separate party room. On our main gym floor we have a ball pit, trampoline, high bar, parallel bars, slides, a zipline and endless equipment for climbing, playing and exploring. We move the gym around every Monday so the set up is always different! We also have a supply closet filled with equipment we can bring out including but not limited to: ride on cars, push and pull lawnmowers, gym carts, balls of all kinds, play food, stuffed animals, parachutes and an amazing bubble machine.

What exactly do you do for activities with the kids?

Each party is catered specifically to the group that is here based on the ages of the kids in attendance. Any special requests for activities made by the party host are accommodated as best as possible so that every My Gym birthday party is totally unique. With this in mind, our party specialists will make a plan of activities to review with the host once all the kids have arrived and go from there.

We also like to include our awesome spaceflight ride (our zip-line!!) at the end of every party. The zip-line is only for children under the age of 8 and less than 150 lbs (sorry adults!).

We get asked about pinatas a lot- we do not allow hit pinatas for safety reasons but you can opt to bring in a pull-string pinata if you'd like and we can do that before heading into the party room.

How much time is set aside for playing and for food?

That all depends on how much food you're planning to have. More food = less play time. On average we typically spend about an hour and 10 minutes playing and the last 20 minutes eating and singing happy birthday before it's time to go. We suggest keeping the food to a minimum so that the kids can play more or sticking to grab-and-go type foods so we don't have to spend extra time in the party room. Once we head into the party room for food towards the end of your party, the gym floor will be closed and we will leave from there.

Can I bring in my own food?

Some of our packages do include food for you, however you are welcome to bring in any of your own food that you'd like and we will help set it up and serve it to your guests. Our Deluxe party package includes cupcakes and juice and our Premiere party package includes 2 sheet pizzas, cupcakes and juice. You may opt to add on cupcakes and/or juice to the Grand package if you would like, but we do not offer pizza as an add on to any package- it is only included in the Premiere package.

How many kids can attend and what is the age limit? Do parents have to stay?

Each party includes a different number of max kids that can attend and participate, so your total number will depend on the package that you've booked. However, no matter what package you book the max total number of kids we can accommodate per party is 24, we simply don't have enough seating in the party room for more than that. 

We will do a head count once everyone has arrived as we know last minute RSVPs or sicknesses/conflicts can change the number of kids that show up. If you have more kids than the amount included in your package it is $20 per additional kid. The birthday child doesn't count towards the number included in your package (but does dount towards the max 24 kids mentioned above).

Children under the age of 1 that aren't crawling or walking yet and can't truly participate in the party don't count towards your total number of kids. Children up to 8 years old may participate in the party. Children over 8 may attend but won't be allowed to play on any of the equipment or ride the zip line.

For children 3 years old and under, a parent/adult must accompany them at all times. Parents are not required to stay for children aged 3-8 years old. It is up to you as the party host to decide if you want parents to stay or not and it is best to indicate this (either way) when you send out your invites.

Do the kids have to sign in?

Yes! With your party confirmation you'll receive a sign-in link to forward to your guests so that they can sign in prior to attendance. This sign in does include a waiver that must be completed prior to the child entering the gym floor and is mandatory in order to participate. We do ask that everyone complete their sign in before attending as arrival can be hectic- especially if everyone still needs to wait to play and sign in. It's much faster and easier if everyone does it at home!

When do I pay my remaining balance?

Your remaining balance is due at the end of your party prior to leaving. You may pay via credit card or in cash. While tipping is not required, it is greatly appreciated by our staff who work hard to make sure you have the best party ever!



Still have more questions? Call/text (315) 449-4496 or email today and we'd be happy to help!!

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