Dear My Gym Families:

First and foremost, thank you so much for your continued patience, loyalty, and support as we try to navigate this “new normal.”  Together, we will all get through this period of uncertainty.  

Here are some helpful instructions: 

  1. We will e-mail you the ZOOM link each week for the upcoming week's classes.
  2. In addition, please make sure to join our private My Gym Westfield Members Facebook group where we will be posting the ZOOM link as well as fun and exciting on demand content for the kids.  
  3. You must log onto your My Gym account on our website to enroll all of your children participating in an UNLIMITED class for EACH LIVE class you want to attend.
  4. If you have a sibling that was not currently enrolled in a regular MY GYM class, but you want them to participate in an age appropriate class for themselves, you must enroll them for $0. Otherwise, they will not be on our roster and may not be admitted into the class.
  5. Please make sure to enroll your children in age-appropriate classes only.  As we understand that there is cross-over and the age groups we offer are somewhat combined, we need to avoid situations where, for example, a 2yr old is registered in a class intended for 7yr olds. 
  6. Please be mindful that there will be times when the teacher must be heard above everyone else in order to give instructions and teach the skills.  We will mute everyone during these times.  Please remain muted.  If you are asked to mute in the chat during the class, please do so.
  7. We will try to have a staff member monitoring each class so if, during the class, you have any questions or comments, please use the chat button and someone will respond.
  8. Please note: make-ups may not be visible on your account at this time.  Make-ups will be restored upon our return to our regular class schedule.

Click HERE to see our new schedule, and we’ll see you on My Gym LIVE! 

We thank you again for your continued support and loyalty to MY GYM!

We are so happy to be able to bring our classes to you and your children in the safety of your own homes during this very trying time. Please continue to be patient with us regarding questions about your make-ups and other account issues.  We are doing our best to get to everyone in a timely manner.

Stay safe and keep active!

Alyse, Holly, Lauren, and the My Gym Staff

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