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Spring Miller


Favorite Game : Freeze Dance with Bubble Storm |

I have been with My Gym since 2004 and I am very blessed to be with a company as passionate about the growth & development of children as I am. I graduated from California Lutheran University with a Bachelor of Science in International Business & a Minor in Psychology. I first found about about My Gym when I brought my oldest son Conner to the founder's gym in Woodland Hills California. Shortly after joining, we were at a park when I noticed my 2 1/2 year old was excelling on the playground. He was running circles around all of the older children who were trying to do the monkey bars, fireman's ladder, climbing bars/net, and other play equipment. I thought to myself, WOW, this program is not just a fun place for us to bond but it really does work! I knew from that day forward I wanted to be a part of a program that could help children get a head start, so I decided to bring My Gym to my home town Jacksonville Florida (Go JAGS!). I have three spunky children that call My Gym their home away from home and have attended since opening our doors in 2005. I love my family , my team , my job & I am thankful everyday for all the blessings in my life!

Coach Preston


Favorite Game : Everyone's It | Nickname : Pdog

Coach Preston is a super-dedicated, hard-working coach who always strives to be the best. Since joining the My Gym Jax Crew in 2012, he has done his finest to bring quality classes to all of the children who come to the facility. His classes are fun and extremely SILLY which fits his personality (that's what we like best)! He is our resident work-out guru and is passionate about helping the children learn how to safely exercise their muscles and have a great time doing it! Preston graduated with a B.S. in Psychology with a focus in child development and wellness. You can be assured that when your child walks into our doors whether it is for classes, birthdays, camps, or kid's night out parties they will feel like they are number 1 and never want to leave.

Coach Natalya

Veteran Teacher

Favorite Game : Steal the BACON!!!! Yum! |

Natalya is one of the craftiest coaches we know! She is a full time student pursuing a degree in exercise science at UNF. The little ones really take to her big smile and fantastic personality as teaches classes! When she's not teaching, you can find her at the beach where she swims and plays volleyball. If there are clouds in sight have no fear as Natalya will be here sewing a nifty item for your little ones!

Coach Amanda

Veteran Teacher

Favorite Game : Beach Ball Bop | Nickname : Amanda Panda

Coach Amanda has become one of our most popularly requested coaches for birthday parties. She brings energy, enthusiasm, and a winning smile to My Gym that brightens up everyone's day! She is our resident decorator and has been fantastic with festive Holiday inspired decor. She loves photography and taking the pictures for all our camps, KNOs and special events.

Coach Josh

Lead Teacher

Favorite Game : American Gladiator | Nickname : Sgt. Josh

Coach Josh knows how to bring some serious fun to your children at My Gym! He has always had a competitive edge as he participated both on the swim and cross country teams during his youth. Josh served in the U.S. Army for 2.5 years where he ended up touring in Iraq for over a year. While over seas he found his passion and calling to work with children as a combat medic helping the youth find tranquility among their lives. Josh is driven to bring the very best classes to your children and loves every aspect of his job. There isn't a time when Coach Josh isn't using one of his many silly impersonations to make a child laugh and smile. He currently attends college at FSCJ where he is working towards a degree in Sports Medicine.

Coach Courtney

Lead Teacher

Favorite Game : Hot Potato | Nickname : Katie Kaboom

Coach Courtney has been with My Gym since the fall of 2013. She has absolutely fallen in love with program especially for her two sons Cash and Collin. She is extremely passionate about working with children, something she has done all her life. What does she love most about My Gym? The opportunities to participate in helping children accomplish physical, emotional, and social milestones. In her spare time you can find Coach Courtney spending time with her family and ROCKING OUT to her favorite artist in concert!

Coach Ena

Lead Teacher

Favorite Game : Freeze Dance |

Coach Ena is a ray of sunshine! She has a bright bubbly personality that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. Her classes are high energy and extremely goofy which means she is sure to send your children home with flushed pink cheeks and a big My Gym smile. Ena is passionate about teaching children how to lead healthy lives through fitness and diet. This My Gym star aspires to become a Pediatric nutritionist and is pursuing a degree in Nutrition at the University of North Florida. When she's not teaching shes off on adventures to find the best grub around, or heating up the dance-floor with her stellar moves.

Coach Conner

Customer Service Supervisor

Conner started off at My Gym in 2004 at the My Gym in California. He has researched other programs and always gives 100% to My Gym and what it stands for. He evaluates camps, classes, birthday parties and parents night out events. He is very creative and is a big part of the My Gym Jacksonville location!!!! We are very lucky to have him as a part of our team.... Favorite Color .... Clear Favorite Healthy snack .... Sushi Favorite My Gym Game .... Dodge Ball Favorite My Gym Birthday Theme .... Star Wars

Coach Cole

Class Quality Evaluator

Cole is full of personality. He knows what he likes and he likes quality. With Cole on board you can be sure The My Gym Jacksonville does not skimp on anything. We might be a little more than other programs, camps, parent nite out events but as Cole would say "You get what you pay for" Cole believes in having the best coaches, who really care about the children and knows what the My Gym program can do for them. The best food at the Camps and Parent Nite Out Events, He believes in quality all the way around. Even the way we decorate for Camps and Events. His modo is Great Service, Great Product, Great Establishment!!! Cole has been with us since 2007 and We can't thank him enough for being a part of My Gym Favorite Color ..... Red Favorite Healthy snack ..... Bannanas Favorite My Gym Game ..... Snow Ball Fight Favorite Birthday Party Theme .... Pokeman

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