Preschool Prep

Preschool Prep

As experts in early child development, My Gym Austin understands the impact preschool or pre-kindergarten education has on a child's emotional, social, and cognitive development. In our commitment to educating the whole child, we offer the "My Gym Preschool Prep Program!" Our goal is to consistently combine our fitness curriculum with our academic curriculum giving each child a well-rounded experience.


2 to 5.5 years old

Monday and Wednesday Mornings

9:15 am-12:15 am

1 class per week: 
$249 every 4 weeks
2 classes per week: an additional $199.20 every 4 weeks (20% discount)

*Sibling discount is 15%

*Any additional classes receive 20% discount*

Includes * weekly themes * daily programs * customized gym and early learning curriculum * art and science supplies * 

Do we need to bring a snack?

Yes, please provide a healthy, sugar-free snack.  Also, children are required to bring their own (labeled) water bottles.

What else do we need to bring?

Parents should bring an extra set of clothes for their child in a backpack or labeled ziplock bag in case of accidents.

If booking is unavailable, reach out to us at 512-444-6496 or to be added to the waiting list.


Q: Are there any requirements before enrolling in Preschool Prep?
A: Please make sure your child is able to separate easily during drop-off, must be able to age-appropriately communicate their ideas, needs, feelings, and is ready for a group setting with peers. Being able to use the bathroom independently is expected; we will assist if needed though. Wearing a Pull-Up is encouraged during Preschool Prep if the child is in between stages. The student-to-teacher ratio is important for the children so we limit enrollment to 6 children per day.

Q: Do parents stay or leave?
A: Preschool Prep is a drop-off program.  We recommend drop-off at 9:10 am so we can begin at 9:15 am. Arrive at 12:10 pm to pick up at 12:15 pm.

Q: What happens if I pick up my child late?
A: You have a 5 minute grace period for late pickups.  After the first 5 minutes, you will be charged $1 per minute.

Q: Is this program only offered during the school year?
A: Preschool Prep runs year-round. Join anytime! 
Note the annual gym closure dates on holidays (New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, December 24, 25, 26, New Year's Day and any camp weeks)

Q: Where will the program take place?
A: Since we also have My Gym classes running at the same time, Preschool Prep is hosted in the Practice & Play gym for the first hour. We will use the middle room in the Practice & Play gym for our academic, handwriting, science, arts and craft and fine motor skill stations as well as snack time. The session will end with explore time in the gym.

Q: Will you use lesson plans?
A: Yes, the Preschool Prep program incorporates structured My Gym class elements and early-education curriculum. Every week, the gym setup will be different as well as the activities planned for Preschool Prep.

Q: Will there be time to play in My Gym?
A: Yes. The children will have the opportunity to freely explore in the gym before Preschool Prep begins (9:10-9:20 a.m.) and after our skill stations. Plus, there will be time to explore in the gym before parents pick up.

Q: What does my child need to bring to Preschool Prep?
A: Please bring a spill-proof water bottle and a healthy snack. Label everything with your child's name. Dress in play clothes. Children participate barefoot. We recommend that younger children bring a small bag (clearly labeled with their name) with an extra pair of clothes/diapers/Pull-ups/wipes.

Q: My child has allergies. Can we work together?
A: Absolutely. We'll note the allergies and take precautions. Please write your child's name on the snack and notify the My Gym coach. Play-doh will be used in Preschool Prep, so please notify us if your child needs an alternate brand or bring your own. My Gym is not an official peanut-free facility, but we try to be. Please tell a coach how we can assist your child in having the best experience ever.

Q: Can a different adult pick up my child?
A: Yes. 
1. Notify a My Gym coach with the adult's name, relationship to the child and phone number. 
2. Upon pick-up, a My Gym coach will verify the adult's name with their driver's license as well as obtain their signature on the sign-out sheet.  
(Parents are welcome to leave a car seat in the office).

Q: What happens if my child misses a Preschool Prep session?
A: There are no refunds, no store credit and no prorated amounts due to a missed Preschool Prep session. We do not allow make-up classes.


If you have more questions, please call or text My Gym Austin at (512) 444-6496, or visit us!
We are dedicated to your child's success!

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