My Gym Policies

My Gym Policies

We share information through the following channels: email, web page, Facebook and Instagram. Within "My Account", ensure that your email address is correct. Then like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram. When you are feeling the love for My Gym, we'd love to hear your compliments on Facebook and Yelp. If you would like to discuss a personal matter, please contact us. The staff looks forward to your text messages at (512)444-6496!

Enrollment and Tuition
•Class tuition of $139 includes 1 class per week and unlimited practice & plays.  All classes must be scheduled in advance.  NO DROP-INs.  If there is availability, you may schedule age appropriate classes during the week outside of your home class.
•STEAM tuition is $186 every 4 weeks.

Playdates in the Practice & Play gym
•The Practice & Play gym is similar to an indoor playground filled with custom-made My Gym gymnastics equipment, mats, slides, ball pit, etc..

•During Practice & Play, children will enjoy unstructured play time under the supervision of their adult who is responsible for the safety of the child. It's a great way to practice elements learned in class that week or just to exercise out the wiggles. Siblings of the same family may play for a nominal fee. Friends who are not enrolled may also attend the Practice & Play gym for a nominal fee.
•Please pre-schedule your visit through our website, pay $15 per child online, then check-in at the front desk before entering the play gym.
•A set of 4 playdates can be purchased for $58; see the Class Cards option.
Click here for more information about Playdates.

Your child will remain enrolled at My Gym until a cancellation request is digitally signed in "My Account" at The member is responsible for any past due amounts. All make-up classes must be completed while currently enrolled and unused visits expire after the last class date. Verbal termination is not accepted. Please email if your account requires a customized end date (Please adhere to the guidelines above).

Freeze an Enrollment
If you have plans that will cause your child to miss more than 2 classes, it is possible to save their spot and current tuition rate by setting up a Freeze on their enrollment. A non-refundable administrative fee of $3 per week is due to keep your account active and reserve your child's spot in the class. We suggest freezing an account for a maximum of 8 weeks. Two dates are required: a date to begin the freeze and a date the child will resume attending class. It is your responsibility to attend class at that time as space has been reserved for your child. If you prefer to change class days or times, please notify My Gym Austin prior to your return. You may set up a freeze at any time, but with at least 7 days' notice before you leave.

Make-up Policy
•Unlimited classes allow you to attend "extra" classes, eliminating the need to do a "make-up" class. Yay!
Please call/text or email if your child will be absent from his/her scheduled class.
•Schedule unlimited classes online in "My Account". Remember, they are subject to availability.
•There may be occasions when My Gym is closed or classes are not running (Holidays, scheduled closure, camp weeks, inclement weather, etc.). If this occurs and a class is missed, the member is entitled to an unlimited class.

Sick Policy
Sniffles? Coughs? Runny noses? Rashes? We love sharing, just not germs. If you or your little ones show any signs of illness, it’s best to stay home. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) advocates this as well. Let’s not take any chances. We appreciate your consideration, as do all our families.

  • Please wash your hands when entering the gym and before you leave. We have hand sanitizer near the entrances for your convenience.
  • When children are in the gym, we can all work together to keep toys clean. If you see something get mouthed, slimed, chewed on, or licked, just hand it over to a staff member once the child is finished checking it out. (It happens! And we encourage the children to explore in all different ways at My Gym.) We also want to clean it, stat!

•If siblings or family members have been ill and/or your child is acting out of sorts, please keep him or her home, even if you cannot pinpoint the reason. This is often the first sign of illness and is the most contagious period.
•For the health of our members and staff, any child found to show signs of illness will be sent home.

Birthday Parties
•Set up begins 10 minutes before your party and children may pass the gate to use the equipment once a My Gym Coach is on the carpet and the music is on.
•Each child must have a signed waiver before entering the gym.
•When the party is over, there's a 10-minute grace period to exit the gym. Good News! We're happy to do all the clean-up for you! If the party extends 10 minutes past your time, there's an automatic $40 late fee applied to the balance of the party and immediate exit is required.
•When adding 30 minutes to the last party on Saturday or the first and last party of Sunday there is at least a 7 days notice for this add-on to ensure staffing. If the party is within 7 days, it is at the coach's availability. 
•The balance is calculated at the end of the party and due that day. Please review the invoice with a coach.

Additional Policies and Safety Guidelines
•Dress your child in comfortable clothes. Tights and dresses are not ideal for safety reasons.
•When participating in class, children go barefoot on carpeted areas; adults are required to wear socks.  Socks are sold in the lobby for $3.00.
•No siblings are allowed on the carpet during class.  Only children enrolled in the class may participate. Baby "wearing" is acceptable.
•Please remember that you are responsible for watching your child(ren) at all times during parent participation classes.
•In participating in the My Gym program, you are acknowledging the risks involved.  If your child is enrolled in an independent class, please discuss the risks with him or her prior to participation.
•All older children must be picked up promptly once the class has ended.
•During large parent-participation classes, we suggest 1 adult per child and take turns participating during class.
•If a different family member, guardian or friend will be picking up your child, please advise your My Gym coach when dropping off.
•Do not bring food, drinks or strollers onto the carpeted area of the gym.
•Please do not bring any snacks or food containing peanuts into the gym. My Gym is not officially nut-free, but we try to be. Let us know if we can clean an area and notify us if your child has an allergy before they attend a drop-off event.
•My Gym is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Please leave as much as you can in your locked vehicle.
•Alcohol and firearms are not permitted in or on the premises. Keep smoking at least 15 feet away from the front door.

•There are three surveillance cameras in My Gym. All video is private.
•Soliciting My Gym staff for employment is prohibited. (ex: babysitting/caretaking/nanny jobs, personal assistant jobs, jobs for entertainment venues, etc.)
•Photographing your own child(ren) is allowed.  Please obtain parents’ permission prior to photographing other children.
No refunds. 

Cleaning Policy
When we aren't teaching, we're cleaning! All surfaces in the gym are cleaned and disinfected every day. Between classes, we clean extensively used areas. All equipment, toys, mats, and surfaces are cleaned before and after every shift. If an area needs attention, please let us know. We love to clean! 

Thank you for your cooperation!
My Gym Austin Staff


My Gym’s Interactive Website

Users can schedule guest and makeup classes, enroll in specific classes, book camps, reserve a birthday party and update their account information online.

1. To begin, visit > My Account > Register

2. Enter the email address you provided the gym, along with your first and last name.

3. Once the system identifies you, follow the steps to claim your account.  Provide your child’s first name and date of birth as it appears in your account at My Gym. You only need to verify one time.

4. Once your account is verified, you will be asked to confirm the information that we have on file and select a password for future logins.

5. Simply login using your email address and password for future visits to

If your child has attended My Gym Austin, but your account is not found, please contact us to request a claim email or password reset.
(Avoid creating a new account).

To book a guest class, enroll or schedule a make-up class:

  • On the Account Activity screen, select the appropriate link to book a guest class, enroll in a class or schedule a make-up class.
  • Additional tabs allow you to book camp dates or reserve a party.


To freeze, cancel or switch an enrollment:

1. Visit >My Account >Login using your email address and password.
2. My Account Home > Edit Billing
3. Select: “If you would like to cancel your enrollment, please click here 

4. Click on “Cancel Enrollment”, Select Reason > Continue > Choose the last date your child will attend class and enter an electronic signature.

Note: Per the enrollment agreement, at least one final payment is required and children may attend the gym until the last class date.  Unused make-up classes expire after the last class date so please schedule them before the last class date.

A confirmation email will be sent to your email address & to My Gym Austin.

Remember: Memberships are only paid once and never expire.  Only the tuition is due when re-enrolling in a program.  Your child(ren) will continue to receive the member rate on Practice & Play visits, Birthday Parties, Camps, and Parents’ Night Out. 

We’ve enjoyed your visits to My Gym and look forward to seeing you again!



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