Now Enrolling for FALL Ballet session

Now Enrolling for FALL Ballet session

Instilling a love of Dance the My Gym way!


Why is our program unique?

What makes our dance program so special, is that it is taught in the same loving and supportive way we teach all our My Gym classes.  The physical gains in this program are numerous and important.  You will see improvement in your child’s flexibility, strength, body awareness, and coordination.  Children learn the basic foundational techniques of Ballet in our program.  The benefits of dance classes go far beyond the physical, however.  The children grow in self-expression, confidence, coordination, concentration – all valuable principles they will carry through school, at home, and throughout everyday life. Kids who begin dancing at My Gym develop a lifelong love for the art!  In our Ballet class, children will grow their knowledge of skills, work on perfecting their technique, increase their strength and flexibility, as well as mastering the vocabulary of ballet! 

Fall session dates: 9/24/2020 - 12/17/20 (no class on Thanksgiving)

Ballet:  Thursdays @ 5:30 - 6:15 p.m. Children will grow in their confidence as they master the vocabulary of ballet, perfect their basic stretches and ballet positions, and work on their rhythm and musicality. This class is designed for experienced and inexperienced dancers. Ballet is open to students ages 4 - 7.


To enroll you can email us at or call (410)838-3042.  You can also ENROLL online.  Select "dance classes" from the "Category" drop-down menu.  


The fine print:

  • Session cost is $199 for the entire 12 weeks.  Once paid, you will not be billed again.  Please disregard the language in the agreement that states that this is billed every 4 weeks.
  • The session cost will not be prorated
  • All dancers must be registered by the day of the first class (9/24)
  • Free My Gym guest class does not apply to ballet sessions.

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