My Gym Policies, Terms and Procedures

My Gym Policies, Terms and Procedures

My Gym is a member only facility. There is a one time, lifetime membership fee before enrolling into classes. Membership is valid for your entire family. Members receive special discounts for camps, birthday parties and events! The one-time fee is $75.

Class Tuition:
Class tuition is on a 4-week recurring billing cycle for all programs. To ensure that the appropriate number of trained Teachers are available, we do not operate as a drop-in facility. Tuition rate is $119/4 weeks.

Unlimited Classes: Your child can attend multiple gym classes and skill plays each week.  All you need to do is stay enrolled throughout this period and schedule your additional classes in advance. Add Unlimited Enrollment Option to your child's enrollment for only $178 ($119 + $59) every 4 weeks through your online account.

Space in classes is limited.  Additional classes must be scheduled in advance through your family online account and are based on availability. You will not be allowed to do class if you drop in without scheduling. My Gym reserves the right to close full classes. Make-ups will not be offered while on Unlimited enrollment. 

Make-Up Policy:
If you cannot attend your class you need to mark yourself absent online or let us know within 6 hours of the start of your class in order to receive a makeup credit. Makeup classes are not guaranteed and are subjected to class size and availability. You will not receive a makeup credit if you do not contact the gym of your absent.  All makeup credits expire 4 weeks from missed class and can only be scheduled via online account.

Cancellation Policy:
You will automatically remain enrolled at My Gym until you cancel your enrollment online and receive an email confirmation from the gym stating your cancellation request has been processed. All cancellation requests must be completed online via your online account. It is agreed that, upon cancellation, you will continue to attend class until your final day of membership (4 weeks minimum from completing the online cancellation form). If there is a tuition payment within your final 4 weeks of class that tuition payment will be prorated for the number of weeks left in your contract.

Please note: speaking to a teacher, texting or emailing does not constitute a cancellation. All cancellations must be submitted online by an authorized account member and must include an e-signature from the authorized member on file. 
Freeze Policy:

Freeze: All freeze requests need to be filled out via the online account.  There is a $7.25 fee per week for all frozen accounts, this fee must be paid upon account freeze.  An account may be frozen for a minimum of four (4) weeks, but may not exceed twelve (12) weeks. Make-up classes and other account credits do not apply and will not be added to an account during the period it is frozen. Children cannot attend classes during a freeze period.

If the timeline for a frozen account needs to be extend, an authorized account member will be required to contact MY GYM via email to request the freeze extension.  Additional charges may apply for additional weeks the account freeze is extended.

I understand that I may not attend classes during the freeze period in any capacity including make-ups. I understand that upon the end of an account freeze all members enrolled in classes prior to the above beginning date of the freeze will automatically be re-enrolled into the same class(es) at the same four (4)-week membership cost prior to the account freeze. I understand that, if I prefer to change class days or times, it will be the responsibility of an authorized account member to notify MY GYM prior to the last date of the account freeze.

All accounts are limited to one (1) freeze per year. I understand that A FREEZE is not a cancellation. If I decide to cancel enrollment during the freeze, I will complete an online cancellation form through my online account. Cancellation policy will apply. - See VIMA Cancellations for details.

Inclement Weather Policy
There are 3 easy ways to find out if we are CLOSED during inclement weather:
Text (425) 451-1393.
Check on our website.  This page will be updated with closure information.
'Like' and follow us on Facebook / Instagram.  We will post on Facebook/Instagram regularly regarding storm and closure updates.
Your safety and our Teachers safety is our top priority. We follow the Bellevue School District regarding weather related closures.   
Please drive safe! If you are unable to attend class, we will mark you as absent and an online make-up credit will appear on your account.  Don't worry, for your convenience make-up classes don't expire until 4 weeks after the missed class, as long as your child is continuously enrolled.

Are Siblings allowed on the gym floor?
We understand that at times younger or older siblings may have time off from school and need to come to the gym during class. We do not allow siblings on the gym floor, as we focus on age-appropriate fitness. The only exception to this rule is a younger sibling in an infant carrier (Example: Backpack, front carrier or Baby Bjorn). This child must stay in the infant carrier during class. You are more than welcome to bring toys, games, or coloring books for older siblings to play in the lobby. (My Gym does not provide any material to help keep older siblings busy/entertained during classes due to both teachers needing to help run classes).

Adults wear socks, kids are barefoot! 
In an additional effort to keep our facility clean for your little ones, we ask that ALL ADULTS must wear SOCKS when on the carpeted floor. We adults have oils on our feet that collect and track, dirt and bacteria that can then be transferred onto the carpet. Since all the children come in contact with the carpet while crawling, tumbling and playing games, it is vital for us to keep the floor as clean as possible. 

Please help us keep My Gym clean and safe by bringing a pair of socks for all adults planning to be on the gym floor. If you forget your socks, we will offer you a pair of brand-new ones to keep for $5.00! Let us work together to provide a Safe and Sanitary place for children to play and grow. 


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