Class Registration & Tuition Information

Class Registration & Tuition Information


TUITION PAYMENT: Standard Tuition payment is based on four (4) weeks of classes, PLUS the option to come again for "Practice & Play" (P&P) every week (1 Structured Class/Unlimited Classes & Two Practice & Play every week). Tuition is auto-charged every 28 days.

UNLIMITED CLASSES (excluding STEAM or Pre-School Prep): ADD $40 

PRESCHOOL PREP visit our preschool prep page for billing details

FIRST-TIME ENROLLMENT: Initial enrollment requires 1st month tuition ($78) PLUS Registration fee. See Options Below.

Lifetime Registration Fee ($75)One-time Family registration fee that last forever (NO ANNUAL FEE), plus PERKS: $20 OFF party packages & discount pricing on special events and camps. A special discounted registration fee is offered if enroll on the day of a trial class. Monthly Enrollment specials available.

MAKE-UP POLICY: Your child is eligible to make-up missed classes while currently enrolled. Make-ups are only used during active enrollment. Un-used make-ups expire after 16 weeks.
Members must inform the My Gym Brandon of an absence a minimum of 1 hour in advance to be eligible for a make-up credit (accepted methods include calling/texting us at 813.398.6713, email to, or via our contact form on our website or a message on our FB page).

FREEZE POLICY: We require a written Freeze notice to be submitted in person no later than 30 days before your next payment. You may FREEZE your payments for a maximum of 8 weeks. At the end of the 8-week period your child will automatically be re-enrolled. Make-ups cannot be used during your freeze period, but will restore when the freeze period is over. There is a nominal administrative fee of $3.00 per week for freeze requests.

CANCELLATION POLICY: You can cancel at any time from My Gym. Per our member agreement an official Cancellation Request Form (CRF) is required and completed in person by the member. It is agreed that, when a CRF has been received, the member will be responsible for one final payment on the next scheduled date. This agreement will terminate 4 weeks from that scheduled payment.  A freeze request does not supersede a formal cancellation request.

COVID-19 SAFETY AND CLEANING POLICY:Click here for more details


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