Staying Healthy with My Gym!

Between cold and flu season and concerns about the novel coronavirus, your child's health is our primary concern.  

Here's how My Gym works to keep children as safe and healthy as possible:

  • My Gym is dedicated to cleanliness.  All of our equipment is disinfected at least twice per day: in the morning before classes, and in the afternoon before evening classes start.  This includes all of the mats and toys that the children play with.  We also disinfect our swings, hanging equipment, Separation and Parent Share toys, and any other special equipment we use during the week as well as cleaning the balls in the ball pit!
  • My Gym has a strict "no sick children" policy.  If a child comes to class with visible signs of illness, we immediately speak to the parents to see what's going on.  If the parent isn't sure if the child is sick, or if the child has even a minor illness, we ask them to head home and get better.
  • Finally, to allow parents to feel comfortable missing a class for illness, we have a flexible make-up policy for missed classes.  We want parents to know that they can keep their sick child at home, and we will make sure they can receive all of their paid classes!


How Can I Help Keep Everyone Healthy?

  • Face coverings: all unvaccinated adults and children aged 13+ are suggested to wear face coverings or masks while in the gym.
  • If you or your child is sick, please stay home!  We'll make sure you get all the classes you've paid for; you just worry about getting everyone healthy.
  • Wash hands before class.  While hand sanitizer is great, it's not a replacement for soap and water.  Washing hands before class is a great way to keep everyone healthy!
  • Bring us any concerns!  If you're worried about a particular child displaying symptoms, please mention it discreetly to the staff so we can make sure everyone in class is healthy!

Thanks for your assistance in making My Gym a safe, healthy environment!

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