Outside Food at Parties

Outside Food at Parties

When you book your party at My Gym, we can provide food for kids and adults!  If you book a Deluxe or Premier package, we will provide enough pizza for all the kids to have at least 1.5 pieces (most only eat one, but if some want seconds, they can have them). 

However, if you'd like, you can bring your own food to the party, as well.  We have four limitations:

1) We can not serve hot liquids like coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.  This includes things like mac & cheese, soup, or hot water boilers.  This does not prohibit parents from bringing individual, closed cups, however.

2) We can not allow alcohol to be served at parties in any form or fashion, sorry!

3) We don't allow outside delivery of food; you'll need to bring it all with you when you come for your party.  We've had difficulties in the past where delivery places have run very late, and because of how structured our parties are, this greatly disrupts the party.  We also ask that you not send friends or family out to pick food up in the middle of the party for the same reason.  Just bring it at the start!

Other than that, you are welcome to bring outside food!  As a reminder, if you bring hot food, it will probably be cold by the time we eat.  Also, we have found that generally bottles of water or cans of soda work best for adults to drink; if you require cups or ice, you'll need to bring those with you.


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